10 Events to Look Forward to in the BB

Posted on 02-Oct-2013

Written by Lance Corporal Nathan Chan and Corporal Joshua Ying, 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

September 28th, 2013

10 - Drill Camp

Wake up, eat breakfast, do drill, eat lunch, study drill, eat dinner, more drill. That’s all you do in this 3 day 2 night camp. Doesn’t sound too exciting on the surface, but once you have completed the camp, your perspective of the drill you do every week will have changed drastically. It is not held very regularly though, so be sure to join when you have the chance.



9 - NCOs’ Training School

The first step towards becoming an NCO, BNTS is an annually held camp that is carried out at a different location each year. From leadership to drill, this camp will teach you the essentials needed to survive as an NCO. Already an NCO? Then ANTS will benefit you, taking the knowledge you have already known to an entirely new level.



8 - Boot Camp
Probably your first camp in BB, boot camps allow everyone to get a headstart in their life as a brigadier. What’s more, you get to do so with your friends that have joined. Boot camp is the best crash course to BB practices, polishing techniques and lots more. For those who have been through it before, conducting and organising Boot Camp brings back fond memories of your first few weeks in the BB, and now you are playing a role in making the magic happen again with a new batch of recruits.
7 - Founder’s Day

One of the opportunities one will get to interact with other companies at a state level, the name “Founder’s Day” is really a great excuse to get companies around KL together and have some fun. A great way to get exposed to the differences between companies of KL.


6 - KUL Games

From football to chess, badminton to ping-pong, KUL Games is a bi-annual BB state-level sports event. All BB members are invited to join, whether you have a university degree in the sport, or you last played the sport when you were 5. Everyone wins, as long as they have had fun.


5. Worship Camp
A training camp for wannabe worship specialists and a refresher camp of those already in the team, worship camp does not only teach how to worship lead, but actually answers common questions about praise and worship. A good way to strengthen your Christian faith.


4 - Fun Day

A 10th KL exclusive event, fun day is held on the 1st parade of every year. It’s title is no misconception, as this event is nothing but fun and games. A great jump starter after the annual year end break. A great time to bring a friend along.


3 - Awards Day

Widely considered one of the most anticipated events of the year, awards day ( or E&A, as some companies refer to it as, ) is where all receive their shiny badges and hard-earned promotions. It is also a time where the company activities are reviewed by all.


2 - Company Camp

Here is the camp where the whole company comes together to fellowship and create bigger and better bonds internally. Comradeship, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and care can be seen throughout this camp, as everyone works with and for each other. A great time to have fun, have friends and have fellowship.


1 - Pesta

Pesta is a gathering for the whole country, and more. Companies from almost all around the world, but chiefly Malaysian companies, come together to fellowship, worship and share. There are games, competitions, and plenty of time to socialise.  A great way to understand and truly comprehend the international aspect of BB.


0 - Normal Parade

Even with all the events and camps, it is extremely difficult to value the short time we have in our respective companies. To us, joining the Boys’ Brigade is less about all the events we participate in or the activities we do in them, but more about the people we participate in them with, the friends that we meet along the way, the friendships that will last longer than any event held.

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