10th KL BB Ketumbar Hill Climb

Posted on 16-Feb-2013

Written by Private Joshua Ying of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

February 16, 2013

CHERAS, KUALA LUPUR – It was the 16th of February, a bright, cloudy morning – the perfect day for a hike. Everyone was beaming with anticipation of the coming event specially planned to give us a rest from our weekly drill and tight schedule. At 10 o’clock, after our usual opening parade, our company of hikers gathered and lined up according to squads in the school’s parking lot. Consent forms passed up and armed with huge water bottles to tackle the climb, the group of about forty of us were ready.


Ketumbar Hill is near our weekly BB meeting venue, so we began by taking a short walk to the foot of the hill. Upon reaching the mouth of the trail, we encountered a horrible stench, which made us want to begin the trek as soon as possible! The pathway was well used, as there were many shoe marks along the floor and the footholds were firm. There were ropes to hold at the challenging areas, so no one needed to worry about slipping and falling. Although the view was monotonous – dead leaves and trees all around, towering canopy, and maybe a little stream here and there – we enjoyed the exercise, especially after a season of eating and relaxing.

We reached the top after about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and we found that there was a recreation area there. We hung around there for a while, watching the locals do their exercise, and trying out some of the exercises ourselves. We also snapped a group photo just before accounting for everyone and moving on to the descent.

The hike down was much faster, as we took a shorter route. We reached the foot at around 1 o’clock and arrived back at school fifteen minutes later. By the end of the hike we were exhausted, but happy for being able to sustain the full three hours of the whole event. We returned home thankful for the opportunity to accomplish such a feat and we hope that we can do more of these activities throughout the year!