10th KL Goes Bonkers V 2.0!

Posted on 24-Jun-2014

Report by Junior Adriel Chan from 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

May 31st , 2014

CHERAS, KUALA LUMPUR - People running frantically around, some chasing down a target, trying to hit a "victim" with a sock. What was this, a special (not to mention stinkier) version of tag? NO! This was 10th KL gone Bonkers 2.0, a game packed to the brim with fun! 


"Bonkers" is simple to play, yet hard to finish. To win, one has to get ten different signature's from ten different stations. To add some spice and some danger into the game, "bonkers" were inserted throughout the game. They were simply catchers. They tried to hit a person holding a sock filled with powder (which leaves a white, washable marks). Whenever they succeeded, they would draw a black line on one's hand, rendering one useless and disabled until a “nurse” comes along to draws a blue line perpendicular across the original line.

The players soon found out that they had nothing to fear from the bonkers - most of the time, they were fighting among themselves, hitting each other! After the game ended, we were told that the bonkers could only hit the players that run! And, in order to make the members “quest for the signatures” harder in their minds, the people running the event placed fake bonkers in to the game that could only hit one with their sock and terrorise everyone around them!


The event they were playing was soon turning chaotic as it approached the middle of the game phase. The are the members were playing in was full of people running, screaming and frog-jumping. To our surprise, some stations had some requirements like making silly faces, running around, and jumping around before getting their signatures/points. It was a fun way to exercise though, for those who never do any exercise and all were definitely regretting the end of the game.

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