10th KL Junior Leadership Camp 2014

Posted on 10-Apr-2014

Report by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company 

This year’s annual Junior Leadership Camp's venue was at SUFES campsite, Tapah. It started with the forming of teams and an introduction of all officers and various members.

Later, to encourage trust between team members, the campers played an altered version of Running Man, a popular TV show. Basically, everyone got a strip of paper, one's “life”. One could tear of his or her opponent’s strip off, resulting with the victim having to stay put for two minutes before he or she can go on completing the task. To win, one had to complete the task assigned by the officers. As the game closed to an end, the officers explained that in life there will be distractions. In this case, the distraction was avoiding getting one's strip torn.

 It’s black, it sucks blood and is called a leech. Some have brought back with them this friend after going for a night hike! It was fun, though everyone ended up with waterlogged shoes. Some even got lost and accidentally headed to the highway! Though some say it was hard and others the opposite, all agreed that it was fun.

The next day, after morning exercise and breakfast, they finally experience the heavily anticipated event: the eggy drop. The idea was simple; each team was given an egg which should not break even when dropped. The teams may build a covering for it to protect it. The penalty for failure was that the team will be given another egg which was to be returned whole by the end of the day. Only two teams made it, and the officers explained that one of the teams were even smart (or dumb) enough to ask the officers the technique of doing it!

One of the final events required the campers to present a list of qualities of a good leader, from which everyone learned valuable information. This activity was a good experience and probably won't be forgotten by the campers for a long time.

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