12th KL Company First Aid Course and Kayaking Expedition

Posted on 18-Dec-2013

Report by Private Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

PORT DICKSON, NEGERI SEMBILAN - The 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys Brigade participated in a first aid course and a kayaking expedition conducted by OUTBAC Broga at Port Dickson from 12th December to 15th December 2013.
On the first day (12th December), we falled-in at 7.00 am at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur and had our backpacks checked conducted by our captain, Mr. Nicholas Yeap. Once done, we departed for OUTBAC Broga in the officers cars. The officers who were leading were Mr. Nicholas Yeap, Mr. Andrew Tan and Mr. Sanjay.
We arrived at OUTBAC Broga at approximately 9.00 am and entered seminar room 2. Our first aid instructor was Dr Yap Heng Kai, preferably known as Hank.  He showed us the entire syllabus for the first aid course as well as videos throughout the two day course. We learnt CPR, the use of an AED, treat burns, scalds, choking, bandaging, cuts and various types of injuries.
In some of the pictures that Hank shown us, some were.. well, gruesome. Those pictures included a woman which some parts suffered a mixture of second and third degree burns. She looked like a chicken dipped in a can full of kerosene and ignited. Another one was a finger which was dissected from a man’s finger; another one was a victim’s intestine which ‘flew’ out of his/her stomach’s wide a gaping hole. Gruesome? Yes indeed.
During the first aid sessions, there were a total of eight scenarios. Each scenario has 2-3 victims. These “victims” were  actually facilitators of the camp. They had “injuries” varying from burns, shock, bleeds, fainting and broken/fractured bones.
We had kayaking sessions after first aid. They were also led by Hank and another facilitator named Ben. We practiced using inflatable kayaks and single-bladed pedals.  On the second day, we had our theory test. On the third day, we traveled to Port Dickson with officers’ cars. With all the equipment brought and provisions purchased, all of us were feeling quite eager for the kayak expedition. We arrived in PD at about 9.30 am then proceeded to unload and inflated the kayaks. Then, we had a few practice sessions before kayaking in the ocean and carried out a diamond formation.
After lunch we rested for a short while. Then, at 2.30 pm, we began our expedition. We kayaked 4 kilometers to the island called Pulau Pejudi. The sea was slightly rough. We reached there at about 4.30 pm where we set up our campsite, pitching tents and cooked our dinner. After dinner, we had a splash in the ocean. At 8 pm, we had a campfire. Once the fire was up and running, we had our fellowship, singing songs of praise to the Lord and played a few games. At 11 pm, we slept soundly in our tents. Those who had night watch took turns for their shifts.
On the fourth day, we kayaked from Pulau Pejudi back to the mainland. We arrived at the mainland at about 10 in the morning and deflated the kayaks before loading them onto the back of Mr. Hank’s Triton 4WD and bidding them farewell. After all that was done, we went to Seremban for lunch and travelled back to WMSKL before going our separate ways.
Overall, I think that this camp was a huge success. The first aid course exceeded my expectations. I expected an all theory course, but again, I was dead wrong. I wish that this event was held again next year.
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