12th KL Drumline Workshop

Posted on 17-May-2015

Written by Lance Corporal Siew Hui Zhuan of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company
Pictures courtesy of Mr Andrew Tan, Lieutenant

April 15th, 2015 

SENTUL - On the 23rd of February 2015, the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade drumline organised a one-day drumming workshop in Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (WMSKL). The purpose of having this workshop is to promote the drum line activity and educate members on the ABCs in drumming. The instructor of the workshop was Mr Zahrein Mustaffa, a professional percussionist and musical educator, best known for his famous percussion group Batteryheadz Percussion and Colourguard. The workshop started at 9am and ended at 3pm. The topics covered were basic strokes and double strokes. The total attendees for the workshop is 15 people; 8 of them are Form 1 boys. The Form 1’s were thrilled to bits when I told them about the workshop as most of them are new to drumline.           

Drummers watched as Mr Zahrein demonstrated his drumming beats

All the workshop participants gathered in school at 8:30am to register themselves. Mr Zahrein arrived at 9am on the dot and the participants were instructed to go to the chapel. They arranged the tables into an arc and took out their practice pads and drumsticks. The first session consisted of basic strokes. The instructor explained the concept of basic strokes such as single strokes and visualised it with musical notations. The participants, especially the newbies, were all eyes and learned up a 8-on-a-hand exercise for basic strokes.           

The participants had a lunch break from 11.45am till 12.30pm in the canteen. Right after the lunch break, the participants went up to the chapel to start the next session. The topic was double strokes and rolls. The instructor explained and demonstrated the correct way of playing open rolls, and wrote an exercise for the participants to play. The participants picked up the techniques step by step and most of them were able to play double strokes and rolls correctly at the end of the session.

At 2.45pm, we ended our practice and listened to Mr Zahrein explaining the “language” of drumming, that is drum rudiments. He explained that rudiments are broken down into 5 types, and in total there are 40 essential rudiments to master. There are more rudiments called “hybrid” rudiments that are more advanced and creative. He encouraged the participants to learn up the rudiments so that they will be more prepared to play drums in the future.

Mr Zahrein explained the different styles and strokes in drumming in details 

The workshop ended at 3pm and the participants thanked the instructor for his time with them. Before we bid farewell, all the participants and Mr Haziq had a group photo with Mr Zahrein. The chapel was cleaned up and the members were dismissed at 3.05pm. We were all given “assignments” ; to practise at home and to have more practices as practice makes perfect. We all looked at each other and agreed that though the assignment was a breeze, we can’t take things lightly as competitions and performances are just at the corner!

The participants had a wonderful time together learning and experiencing the joy of playing music. We hope that this marks the start of an awesome musical journey in the company. After all, journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step. And I’m glad that I’m proud to be part of the drumline team in bringing 12th KL to greater heights!



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