12th KL Enrolment and Awards Day 2015

Posted on 06-Aug-2015

Written by Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

Pictures courtesy of Sergeant Jack Lim Kuan Wei
May 30th, 2015

SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR - On the 30th of May, the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company held its annual Enrolment and Awards Day. I could recall some of the recruits were telling me they had been floating on air as they just couldn’t wait to get their Target badge! Indeed, it was the day of great joy for them.

As early as 7.00 am, the Guard of Honour, comprising of nearly 40 members clad in their navy blue ceremonial dress fell in at the assembly ground of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur. Sounds of CPL Nicholas Ng were heard instructing the contingent to have its final rehearsal and inspection. It was a real eye-opener for the Recruits when all the Guard of Honour members fell in, smartly dressed in their blues. Once done with all the necessary commands, the Guard of Honour stood at attention, almost motionless, anticipating the arrival of the guest of honour. Some of them didn’t even bat an eyelid. Following that, the parade commander instructed all members to fall in behind the Guard of Honour.

As the minutes ticked by, we became anxious who would be the VIP of the day. The moment the guest of honour, it was none other than Mr. Andy Tan, the State Commissioner and Captain of the 4th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company. Upon his arrival, he was ushered to the parade ground to start his duty. Sergeant Jack Lim took over as emcee and greeted everyone present. CPL Nicholas Ng then marched forward to salute Mr Andy to request for an inspection due. Flanked by two escorts, Mr. Andy proceeded to inspect the contingent as the rest of the audience observed in silence. 

Left: Mr. Andy Tan, KL State Commissioner, receiving the salute. Center: Inspection of the Guard of Honour. Right: The marching in of the Company Colours.
Once the inspection was done, the members and the contingent fell out and everyone then proceeded to the hall for the Service. Upon reaching the hall, all the members were instructed to sit in their squads in the allocated seats, while parents and guests took their seats in front of the stage. Every NCO was as busy as a beaver building a dam : the emcees took to the stage, the PA crew to the audio console and some dashed to the back stage – everyone was waiting for further instruction. The Colour Party, led by Sgt. Ong Wil Sern as the colour bearer, Lance Corporal Zander Cheah and Corporal Brian Eu and Corporal Yap Ming Yang took their position outside the hall entrance.

Sergeant Jack Lim gave the green light to the emcees to proceed. To start the bal rolling, the emcees, Private Jorn Tan and Private Wong Hong Ming invited all present to stand welcome the marching in of the Colour Party as the hymn Underneath the Banner was played. The words “Underneath the Banner of the Cross arrayed, Lord, we ask thy Blessing, On the Boys' Brigade, Thou art our Commander, And Thy soldiers we, And in Christian warfare, We would honour Thee…” sounded solemn to accompany the marching of the Colour Party until the Chaplain received the Colour on stage. Every member saluted the Colour as it marched past them.

Left: The vocalists. Center: The guitarist. Right: Mr. Andy Tan delivering his speech. 

Shortly after that, the Praise and Worship session begun, led by Sergeant Ong Wil Sern and Corporal Brian Eu. The musicians were Corporal Brendan Eu on the lead guitar, Lance Corporal Zander Cheah on the bass, Lance Corporal Samuel Siew on the drum and Private Yip Wei Zern on the piano. The worship team led the congregation to four songs to worship our God : Forever, Everlasting God, Mighty to Save and How Great is our God. The Principal, Mdm Chia, much loved by all the members then took the spotlight on the stage and delivered her welcome speech which was followed by Mr Andy.

Next on the itinerary was the video presentation of the progress of 12th Kuala Lumpur for the past one year. The video was done by Sergeant Jack who burned the midnight oil just to ensure it worked on screen. All of us enjoyed immensely. Then Reverend Christopher Rao delivered the sermon, as an encouragement to the boys especially.  Everyone was cool, calm and collected just before the awards presentation.

The moment had finally dawned in! The emcees invited Mr. Andrew, one of the Lieutenants of 12th Kuala Lumpur as well as the Senior Section Officer-in charge, to the stage to read out the list of recipients of the first batch of “winners”. The members were thrilled to the bits when he announced the names one by one. Madam Chia Loy Tian, Principal of WMSKL, was given the privilege to give out the awards. It was a moment of great joy for some of the members.

 Left: The drumline performing. Center: The Officers of 12th KL taking the pledge. Right: The NCOs of 12th KL.

Shortly after the first session of awards presentations, it was time for a performance – a sketch. The sketch depicted on how a member had recruited few members to join BB, especially when uniform units were made compulsory in that particular school. One may take the humour from comedy, but you cannot take the comedy from humour. The next awards presentation session began shortly afterwards. The list of awards recipients were read out once again by Mr. Andrew Tan, whilst awards given out by Rev. Christopher Rao. The second performance followed next – presentation of two songs by Drumline. The sound of the drum beats was loud and resonant yet with strong, solid and consistent rhythms. One could have sworn the floor itself might shatter. Next, we have Lance Corporal Alex, Corporal Brendan, Lance Corporal Zander and Lance Corporal Samuel (now a Corporal) on stage to render a new song. Done with performance, we had two members, having the same name, Private Teh Ming Yang (now Lance Corporal) and Corporal Yap Ming Yang on stage to share their testimony.   

Finally, the most anticipated moment some of the members have been expecting after the second performance – Promotions. This year, a total of 10 Privates have been promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal, one Lance Corporal to Corporal and one Corporal to Sergeant. However, one of the Privates were absent as he was admitted to hospital for surgery. Noenetheless, Lt Andrew announced his name and told us that we could call him to give him the good news. All being said, I recalled Officers said that we serve because it is a privilege and if promotion comes our way, then it is our bonus. Each and every one who has received one, two or even three stripes has been reminded to continue to give their best to the Company and to one another. Enrolment order followed right after the promotion. Chaplain, accompanied by Captain, walked up the stage to conduct the Service. Captain led the Officers to take the rededication pledge, followed by the NCOs and members.

To mark the end of the service, the closing hymn was sung to accompany the marching out of the Colour Party. Once more, all the guests rose and the members rose too. The members saluted the Colour as it passed by. The closing prayer and BB Vesper followed right after before all guests and members went down to the canteen and enjoyed some light refreshments. Before it slipped our mind, we took our group picture. Sounds of laughter were heard as each boy congratulated each other. Enrolment and Awards Day ended at 11.30 a.m.

Company Group Photo
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