12th KL Fire and Rescue

Posted on 14-Jul-2013

By Private Tan Wen Jie, Michael of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

March 27, 2013

JALAN LIMA, SENTUL - 37 boys of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company attended the Fire and Rescue course in Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur during the brief March school holidays. Officers of the Fire and Rescue Department of Sentul conducted the 4-hour course.

The attendees arrived as early as half past seven in the morning. The Opening Ceremony started at 8 a.m. in the morning with the Anchor Song. After that, the officers introduced themselves before briefing the Boys about this course. The course started with a lecture in the school hall by one of the Fire and Rescue officers, PB Norshaharin B. Ariffin, in Bahasa Malaysia. He first talked about the fire extinguisher, which is the basic fire-fighting equipment. He explained on the method of usage, classification of fire extinguisher and shared some other interesting topics/experiences.

Left: Demonstration by officers using fire fighting water hose. Center: Extinguishing sample of fire. Right: Fire Fighting truck.  

The second section was about fire science. It was the main part of the presentation. We were taught on the substances that cause fire, the ‘FIRE TRIANGLE’. The three main elements to start a fire are:

  • Oxygen
  • Heat Source
  • Flammable Material (Fuel)

He also elaborated on the type of fuel, classification of fire, ways of fire spread, fire-fighting medium and technique. The officer then continued with the last two topics which were ‘Prevention of Fire in School’ and ‘Rescue Techniques’. We were highlighted on the important ‘DRABCDE’ code and the techniques of rescuing an injured victim.

After the interesting presentation, we were introduced to the fire-fighting truck. Many were amazed while exploring the fire-fighting equipment which was neatly arranged in the fire truck. Then, we proceeded to the school open grounds and participated in some practical fire-fighting. The officers demonstrated the fire extinguishing method using both a fire extinguisher and a fire-fighting hose. Then, some of the members were called up to put out samples of fire using both methods.

Left: Rescue of an injured victim. Right: Token of appreciation to the Fire Department officer 
 Others had the chance to put on the fire proof fire-fighting uniform. A demonstration of the correct method of rescue of injured victim was also shown by one of the officers. It was really a hands-on experience.

We were all so amused by the live demonstration & presentation by the officer that we do not realise time is approaching Closing Ceremony.  Captain Nicholas reminded us that we had to take part in a theory test and an assignment in order to achieve this award. Mr Lim, as a representative of Wesley Methodist School, awarded the Fire and Rescue officers a token of appreciation. Soon, the course came to a memorable end with a group photo after the BB Vesper.

It was an enjoyable and meaningful course for all who participated.
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