12th KL Outing to One Utama

Posted on 04-Dec-2013

9th November 2013

BANDAR UTAMA, PETALING JAYA - The 23 Seniors and 9 Juniors (not to mention 2 officers and 3 instructors) were gathered on the 2nd floor of the One Utama Shopping Centre at 10 in the morning, next to the escalator leading to Golden Screen Cinemas where we will watch Thor: The Dark World. A few Seniors volunteered to take care of the Juniors throughout the outing. Then, everyone went to the snack store at the entrance of the cinema to buy some delectable popcorns, hot dogs and drinks. A group photograph was taken with the cinema entrance serving as the background before entering the cinema theatre. We were all engrossed by this famous, captivating, humorous, suspenseful and ever-so melodramatic movie.

Left: Having lunch after the movie. Center: Slacklining. Right: LCpl. Nicholas Ng testing the warm up walls.

Next was a walk to Food Republic to satisfy our lunch cravings. Many chose the popular pepper rice while I settled down with my mouth-watering Japanese salmon set meal. Before heading to Camp 5, a head count was conducted for safety measures. At our destination, we first checked in before being handed keys for our lockers. After keeping our belongings in the lockers and changing into the prescribed climbing shoes, there was a briefing by the Camp 5 marshals. We started climbing the simpler and shorter walls, ones that did not require rope assistance, as a warm up. Shortly after we proceeded to the taller and trickier walls. All of us had to wear a harness that would be attached to the rope using carabineers when climbing the hefty walls, with the marshals acting as our belayer. Some of us also tried slacklining, a difficult feat for beginners. Few managed the accomplishment after many unsuccessful attempts while others never got the hold of it. Before the 2 hour session was over we took a group photograph.

Left: Jack making one of the toughest walls look easy to climb. Center: A Junior taking on the challenge. Right: Our photographer Cpl. Jack Lim spotted without his camera.
Left: Group photo at Camp 5. Center & Right: Juniors & Seniors trying out Batting Cages.

The following activity was supposed to be bowling at U-Bowl. However, a competition was going on at that time thus all the bowling lanes were occupied, so we opted for other entertainment avenues. Futsal at Padang and Neway karaoke were available options on the list, but they exceeded the budget limit. Hence, we chose It’s A Hit! Batting Cages, located on the Upper Ground Floor in the New Wing (http://www.hit.com.my). We all had fun there and some of us had a great batting experience as a novice. At 5 in late afternoon we bid farewell and departed our own ways.          

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