12th KL's Company Cheer

Posted on 22-Dec-2014

By Lance Corporal Alex Ong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 26th. 2014

As the title of this article suggest, behold the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company Cheer! I don’t find it that special, but it did actually make an impact on the Company during Pesta, giving us a spark of strength to move on and improve. But would you believe me if I told you this cheer was conceived with a small chat? 

So it was a day before Pesta, our Company was very excited as there were more people participating this time. We created an online group chat specially for this Pesta, inviting all our Officers to join in and share the excitement. As we were discussed what we were going to do during the bus trip, I made a remark saying that we should sing the 12th Kuala Lumpur Song. Our Captain replied with a question, “We have a 12th KL song?” I replied that I was just joking but it has caught our Officers’ attention, and that night was not the end of it.
Captain thought that it was a good idea so he requested for a song to be done before the trip. I only had about 24 hours to create the song. I recall that I was in tuition class, where I spent a whole two hours writing and composing the song lyrics. I decided to make it a cheer instead of a song because a cheer might be easier to memorise in a short period of time. So I created a cheer based on the soundtrack music from a cheer from “Ah Boys to Men” , a Singaporean television drama. I added stuff about BB and I submitted the lyrics.

During the journey, captain approved the lyrics but asked for a few more changes. He wants it to be perfect before the second day of Pesta. There was some spare time when we first reached the venue. We discussed the cheer as a Company without the captain – he said he would like to hear our cheer when he got back. We made some major changes and shorten it to a real cheer. We recorded it and we sent it via Whatsapp to Mr. Yeap. Captain commended us on our effort and he told us that he wanted to listen to it again when he gets back to the dorm. So, we memorised everything and showed our Captain once again.

During Pesta itself, we shouted the cheer a lot, whenever we traveled from one place to another, we chose to walk instead so that we could shout our cheer along the way. Even our Captain recorded a special video of us doing the cheer on the street. It gave us had a very good memory in Pesta, as this is a cheer which allowed a group of members to bond together and shout out the spirit of the company, to declare to the others that we are improving fast and we will soon reach the top!

Basically the whole point of having this cheer is to allow us be able to have a cheer to motivate ourselves in various events like trainings or when we’re tired. This song will provide us strength and let us remember that we are one and we can still rise as a Company. Many people heard of this cheer during Pesta as we were shouting the cheer everywhere, no matter in hall or even on the street. Many of them were not clear about the lyrics so I am going to publish the lyrics here. In fact, Captain has shared the video clip of us chanting the12th KL Cheer in our Company FB page. Anyway, the lyrics goes like this.. (please have a listen on our Company Page). 
Echo after me ah,
Echo after you ah,
Go 12th KL,
Burning like a fire,
We are BB boys,
We are leaders,
Just wait for us,
We will see you at the top.


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