12th KLs Enrolment and Awards Day

Posted on 14-Sep-2013

Report byLance Corporal Yap Ming Yang of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company. Photos by Un Kai Wen.

June 29th, 2013 

SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR - On this day, the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company Boys’ Brigade had our Enrolment and Awards day at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur.

The members were grouped in different categories before this. The groups were Guard of Honour, refreshments, ushers and others. Most of the members arrived before 7:45 a.m., the latest time for them to arrive. Members who were involved in Guard of Honour came before 7:30 a.m. to get ready. Some of us came even earlier because they did not have their uniform parts yet. We falled in at the half basketball court before going up to the hall. Due to the bad haze on that day, the opening ceremony was held there. We were actually quite relieved because we do not have to stand under the hot sun. However, I am sure that we can still do as well in the hall because we had lots of practice before our big day.

 Some of us even had to borrow uniform parts from those who are not involved in order to make our uniform complete. The more experienced members helped the Form 1s to adjust and wear their uniforms properly while some of them reminded the rest about minor problems such as shirts not being tucked in properly or the collar was not fully covering the tie, etc. I think this was when I saw true teamwork among the members, what the officers always tried to imply. I was quite touched when Wil Sern helped me to adjust my collar.

Around 8:00 a.m., we prepared ourselves for the opening parade. Our parade commander, Corporal Yip Wei Jian falled us out and we walked up to the hall. All of us had the same feeling before the opening parade began - we were all nervous. Although we practiced over and over again, we were still afraid that if we make one single mistake, the whole team’s performance and even the company will be affected.

We falled-in at the back of the hall. Those who are not involved in the Guard of Honour team were asked to sit at the side of the hall. After ten minutes of waiting, our guest of honor who is also our chaplain, Pastor Tan Chew Mae had arrived. The Guard of Honour immediately got into position. After a few commands and getting ourselves set up for inspection, she walked through our lines to inspect us. I held my breath as she was doing the inspection. I could even hear my heart pounding rapidly and it almost jumped out of my throat when she walked past me.

Left: The Guard of Honour. Center: Colour Party marching in. Right: Our captain, Mr. Yeap, giving a speech. 

It felt like a thousand years when we were being inspected. After the inspection was complete, I heard a lot of sighs among us, the sigh of relief. After a few weeks of training, it was finally over and I think we did quite well. After the opening ceremony, it was the time for the Colour Party to march in. The Colur Party was formed by Corporal Jason Pereira, Lance Corporal Brian Eu, Lance Corporal Koh Qin Zheng and Lance Corporal Jack Lim. After Corporal Jason handed in the Company Colours to our chaplain, the Enrolment and Awards Day officially began.

The praise and worship session was held. Alex Ong who led the singing, Siew Hui Zhuan who played the drums, Lee Jia Hern who played the piano and the twin brothers, Brian and Brendan Eu who played the guitars formed the praise and worship team. Songs like “How Great is Our God” and “Hari Ini” which are normally sung during normal parade were sung on that day.

Corporal Yip, who acted as the emcee, invited two recruits, James Ng and Ajith Nair to share about their experience joining The Boys’ Brigade so far. Then, our beloved captain, Mr. Nicholas Yeap gave the opening speech. The event proceeded with the presentation of awards for the Junior Section members. The badges were presented by Coach Valter.

Left: The shiny, glittering tray of badges. Center: Happy excited faces. Right: Ching Chun Hong giving his testimonial. 

Corporal Yip got everyone’s attention when he announced that it was the time for promotion of new Non-Commissioned Officers for 12th Kuala Lumpur Company. Ever since the school made it compulsory for the Form 1s to join Boys’ Brigade, the number of members increased wildly but the amount of NCOs we had weren’t balanced to the situation. As captain slowly unpacked the envelope which contained the chevron and the names for promotion, my heart rate slowly increased and my breath grew heavier too.

Pastor Chew Mae presented the chevron. After what seemed eternity, Captain read out the first name: Brendan Eu. All the members shouted cheerfully for him as he walked to the stage. The following were Michael Tan, Nicholas Ng and Nigel Ng. None of the names matched mine, though. I congratulated them and put all my hope on the second promotion later.

A sketch was performed later. This sketch was all planned by the members with Jason as the narrator, and James, Richard and Steve playing roles with same name as them. The sketch was about three boys who had a boring life. They were then introduced to join BB and they realized how interesting the life could be. It was indeed an interesting show. The sketch was followed by sharing from the newly appointed Lance Corporal Nicholas and Private Vincent Ching.

The event moved on with the presentation of awards for Senior Section members. Mr. Wong, our representative from Wesley Methodist Church Kepong was invited to present the badges. Most of us who applied for badges received our badges. All the hard works granted us and all the tiredness vanished when we received the badges we wanted. The promotion of private was held after that. Those who passed their target test were certainly happy to receive this badge as it is the most basic badge that we must have. Those who got promoted were James Ng, Cherng Chun Qi, Soo Oosheng, Ajith, Jan Lum and Steve. 

The event almost reached its end. Before it ended, it was the time for the second round of promotion. Before Mr. Yeap started, I silently prayed that I will be promoted. Everyone waited expectantly for the new NCOs. Mr. Yeap read out the names, first Vincent Ching, who will be the eldest member next year. And then, I heard “Private Yap Ming Yang” through the PA system. I could scarcely believe my ears. A million thoughts entered my mind as I walked towards the stage. I thought of a lot of things at the same time when I received the chevron, but the only word I can use to describe my feeling was, happy. Jason Ching and Ong Wil Sern were promoted too. We are all different people, but what I am sure about is, our faces were all filled with joy.

Left: Alex giving a song presentation. Center: A sketch about the benefits of the BB. Right: New group of NCOs taking their oath. 

Alex came out with a performance after the promotion. He is famous among the company members with his singing skills which are fabulous. The show he brought up had proven that it is true and his singing was simply fantastic. We then had Mr. Wong to give his message. After he finished his inspiring message, our captain walked up to the stage with another envelope.

All of us were puzzled with that because we thought the promotion has ended. Mr. Yeap announced that it’s the time for promotion of old NCOs which was not mentioned on the schedule. The NCOs who heard this started to get nervous and hold their hands tightly. The first one who was called up was Lance Corporal Qin Zheng promoted to Corporal, same goes to Jack Lim who was called up later. The crowd roared with cheers when both the corporals, Wei Jian and Jason were promoted to Sergeant.

Left: Officers and teacher advisers taking their enrollment pledge. Center: Receiving the benediction. Right: Marching out of the Colour to mark the end of the day.


The event reached its peak when the chaplain led the enrollment oath. We started with the captain, followed by the teacher advisors, then the members and lastly the NCOs. We ended the event by the marching out of the Colour Party. We were dismissed after that to the canteen for lunch. The food was brought by the members. After the lunch was served and everyone had their fill, we cleaned up the canteen before we were dismissed. I thought of a quote from Helen Keller “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. From the beginning, through the process and onward to the end product, we, the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company had shown full teamwork and the Enrolment and Awards Day ran smoothly.
12th KL group picture . We sure have grown!
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