1st KL Company Outing to the FELDA Residence Hot Springs

Posted on 26-Oct-2014

Report by Private Derrick Cheow, Private Justin Khor, Private Sean Ho, Private Ng Peng Han, and Lance Corporal Lee Kai Yuan of 1st Kuala Lumpur Company

July 26th , 2014 
SUNGKAI, PERAK - It was not just an ordinary Saturday; the Boys of 1st Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company were excited for an outing to the FELDA Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai, Perak, on 26th July 2014. A splashing and exciting natural hot spring, the FELDA maintained hot pools nestled in a rather secluded area in the vicinity of palm oil plantations. It was a much deserved break after my stressful two weeks of PT3 Geography and History examinations.

A total of 47 boys accompanied by 5 officers (WO Jason Tham, WO Edward Tai, WO Ivan Lim, Mr. Nicholas Cheong and SSGT Wong Jin Weng) participated in the outing. We started our journey at 9am from Wesley Legacy Centre and was estimated to take an hour and a half drive to reach the destination. However, we were caught in the massive ‘balik kampung’ rush due to the long Hari Raya holiday break. That did not hamper our spirits. Fun and games on the coach makes the journey bearable and enjoyable. Finally, we reach the hot spring at 1.30pm after a four-and-a-half-hour journey.

No time to waste, we had our squad lunch first before entering the hot spring. Each squad brought their own home-cooked food to share, from homemade pizza to sausages. My squad B1 had spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushroom soup. We sat on bare ground to eat. Though it was a little uncomfortable and unhygienic nevertheless we enjoyed our meal without much trouble.

Our first stop was the hot pool. It was a truly magnificent experience soaking in an open natural sauna. We kicked back as the hot water embraced us and some of us splashed around the pool despite the high temperature, which is maintained at 30-40 degree Celsius. Users are advised not to be in the pool for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, soaking too long can lead to dizzy spell due to the therapeutic effect.

After the hot pool, we proceeded immediately into the cool mountain spring pool with slides and fountains. Most of us climbed up the stairways and were ready to slide and splash. Our heads submerged into the water -- the taste of the water was cooling and refreshing but we had to recover quickly to allow others to slide down. There were also some of us who are quite the daredevil who performed ‘stunts’ when sliding down. Fortunately, there were no injuries and overall everyone had fun. We had a great time and did not mind walking back up despite our tired feet. Not forgetting the ‘mini’ fountain with jets of water spouting into the air at a constant rate. We enjoyed the feeling of water beating down on us massaging our tired bodies.

Time was short. Our next stop was the leg-dipping pool at the therapeutic area with the temperature range of 40-43 degrees Celsius. Leg-dipping was not fun enough. Some Boys decided to dip their whole body instead. Beside the pool, there was a hot stream of water onto a path covered with small stones which is more like reflexology. One is supposed to run barefoot along the path coping with the heat and pain. It was a painful process, even more so with my already injured foot soles thus I call it quits. Despite the heat, SSGT Wong Jin Weng dashed like a madman running along the stream path. Our WO Jason Tham took a video of us running along the stream coupled with some special effects, resulting in an interesting footage. There was even footage of us doing push-ups on the similar path.

Finally, we came across the egg boiling area where the water temperature can reach up to nearly 100 degree Celsius. Due to time constraints, we have to give it a miss. A group photo to wrap up the fun day which is BB tradition for all events, before we start our journey home.

I am deeply grateful to all the BB officers who have tirelessly planned this outing for us and I hope more outings like this will be planned in the near future. These outings give me an opportunity to have fellowship with my brothers in BB. It taught me self-discipline and to have experiences beyond the scope of a regular lifestyle. Even the entire journey could not satiate our desires as we still wanted to continue playing. I feel sad that we would not be going back there anymore (or anytime soon). Still, everyone wore contended faces masked with tiredness as some of us lulled into a deep sleep during the journey.

Here's another account of the trip by Private Justin Khor

An Exciting Trip to Sungai Klah Hot Springs in Sungkai, Perak

On July 26, 2014, all senior members of 1st KL Everyone were excited as the long awaited company trip to Sungai Klah Hot Springs was finally here. That morning, all the participants met at the Wesley Legacy Walkway to take attendance and get ready for the outing. A few officers and their families also joined us for the trip.

At about 9am, everyone arrived and we adjourned to the bus. All of us boarded the bus, except 3 others who got onto Mr Ivan’s car. The North-South Expressway was jammed up as our Muslim friends were on their way back for Hari Raya, all the cars were moving like turtles.

Everyone in the bus were enjoying themselves, some were listening to music, some talking, some playing their phones and some were sleeping.

After 4 hours on the bus, we finally reached our destination. Everyone was desperate to get out of the bus while some ‘hunted’ for toilets. We had squad lunch before entering the hot springs and got changed. We started with the hot springs, which was quite warm and relaxing for us.  

Then, we headed to the Mountain Springs Pool (cold pool) and had fun on the slides. We took turns sliding down in different positions while some went down together. After two hours, rain poured down like cats and dogs, and we went to the jacuzzis. We soaked ourselves in hot water and enjoyed the warmness.


Left: Some of us even did push-ups on the burning stone pavement. Right: We went to bathe and get ourselves dry after that. 

Changed into dry clothes, we bought some snacks before heading back to the entrance for a group photo. Then, we boarded the bus back to Wesley Legacy Centre. We had our dismissal and went back to our respective homes and called it a day.

In this outing, we learned that hot springs are good treats for us to relax ourselves from a long week. Everyone of us had a great time with each other, which also strengthened our friendship.

Here's another account of the trip by Private Sean Ho

Some Hot Spring Fun! 

The Officer Council planned a trip for the boys during the school holidays. Our trip was to the hot spring at Sungkai, Perak. It was early in the morning when I woke up and got prepared for the company outing that will be held today. I was so excited that I ate my breakfast and grabbed my belongings to the place where we would depart. Our destination was to Perak to enjoy the hot spring. My friends and I got so excited to be on a bus ride that would take us to Kampar, Perak. Before we departed from our place, the officers and NCOs in charge took our attendance to ensure our presence. There were two friends who were not able to join us due to their sickness. There were 44 members including the officers and we had to arrange another transport for the few extra members. 

Fortunately, two of my friends and I have the privilege to ride in an officer’s car. We were so glad that we hopped in. We then started our journey to Sungkai, Perak. We had a talk in the car about the destination we are going to. On our way, we saw that there was a heavy traffic and cars were not moving. Just then we realized that it was a public holiday when most of the families were travelling back to their respective hometowns. Just before the outing, the officers had a schedule of the time estimated to reach our destination and we hoped that it would go smoothly.
The estimated time was within 2 hours. The congestion took us about 5 hours to reach there. We were extremely tired when we reached there. We had our own squad lunch at a shady place and we move on to enter the pool with excitement. The place was big with many kinds of pools. There were different pools prepared where people could boil eggs and pools that have different temperatures. There were also cool places for kids to go. We played for 2 hours and it was already late in the evening. We had to leave the place and travel back to our church so that our parents could pick us up and go back home safely. It was truly a memorable experience for me to go on to a trip to such a far place. It was also not easy for the officer council to plan hard for the trip so that the Boys would have a closer relationship. Although many things happened during the journey, it was fun to have fellowship amongst us. It was also an unexpected trip made by the officers and NCOs to such a far place but we made it and had lots of fun time in the end.
 Here's another account of the trip by Private Ng Peng Han
A Company Outing to FELDA Hot Spring 
It was a beautiful morning on the first Saturday of the Hari Raya Holidays. The organising committee of the 1st Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company has reached a decision to have a company outing at the water paradise FELDA Hot Springs.

I arrived at our usual meeting place at 7 a.m. sharp. Although it was quite early, it was already bustling with activities as the NCOs are making their final preparations for the day. Soon, when most of us were present, we decided to fall in to make it easier for the officers and NCOs to take attendance and wait for the others. While waiting, we chit-chatted excitedly about what was about to happen and could not wait for the fun that we were about to experience.

Upon arriving on our destination, we came to realise that food is prohibited for cleanliness purposes. However, making use out of a bad situation has always been our “special ability”. Therefore, we had our squad lunch outside and also shared food among our friends. Once we filled our tummies, we were headed to the entrance for our first activity.

First, we had some fun at the hot pool where we get to soak our body in warm water. I felt a little sick but it was very relaxing and soothing. We also splashed warm water at each other. Before moving on to the cool pool, we washed our bodies.

The cool pool was really awesome. It has two water slides and all my life I have always wanted to sit on a water slide and experience the thrilled feeling. I did not know water slides could be so fun when I sat on my first one. I was holding on to the slide real hard and decided to sit on that for only a few times. But after dares from friends, I simply had to do it, and this time we came down four in a row.

Eventually we proceeded to the waterfall where we turned the “Big Guy” Kar Fei upside down and even though he was big, we were many. Soon, we went for feet soaking and there was a hot path for visitors to walk on. Boys being Boys, within seconds literally the whole company was feeling the burning sensation beneath their feet. Apparently, SSgt. Alvin Wong brought this thing to a whole new level by doing pushups on the hot path.

Lastly, we went for wash up and packed up for the day. It was a tremendously, fantastically awesome and exhilarating trip to be remembered. Also, obviously, our bonds are closer. Mission accomplished!

 Here's another account of the trip by Private Lee Kai Yuan
Report on Company Outing to Sungkai, Perak 

It was a long time ago since the Company held its last outing. Therefore, the company has planned for an outing again. The Boys were eagerly looking forward to it because they knew that it would definitely be fun and exciting. On 26th July, the 1st KL Boys’ Brigade Senior Section went to a hot spring in Sungkai Perak. Many of them have not gone and enjoyed playing in a hot spring. Since our country has these facilities, the company thought it would be a good idea to travel there and try it out.

Raya holiday has just started. People were driving back to their hometown as early as possible to prepare for this wonderful festival. Therefore, traffic jams could be seen everywhere on the highway – every car was moving slowly. The Boys were in the bus, feeling frustrated. However, they could not do anything about it. All they could do were to bear with it throughout the journey. It would take an hour and a half to reach there on normal days, but we seemed to have chosen the wrong day to have fun. It took us nearly 4 hours to reach our destination.

We have finally reached the hot spring after the heavy traffic. It was 12.15pm when we got down the bus. We have quickly learnt that there was not any restaurant or food court available. Fortunately, we prepare our lunch before the trip. This was done in squad. After we settled ourselves down in a shady area, we started our picnic there.

Spaghetti, sausages, coke, fried chicken and nuggets were the mouth-watering food we prepared. It was a wonderful lunch after all. After satisfying our stomach, it was the time to retrieve the entry ticket to explore the world inside.

We travel in our own squads. Looking like a private garden, the breathtaking view was irresistible. I wish I could stay in there for a longer time. Before we went on, it was important for us to know the direction of the changing room so that we could change to a suitable attire for the hot pool.

Therapeutic garden is the first place we visited before we discovered more. It is a pool that has the temperature of 35-50 degree Celsius. Unable to hold our excitement any longer, we immersed ourselves into the small pool. It felt so good as the heat worked its way into the body. That was how therapeutic garden got its name—it serves as a therapy pool to remove tiredness from the body.

Next, we moved into a larger hot spring as a company. I was not very sure about the temperature there, but one thing I knew was that the heat source would give a burning sensation. We spent half an hour there playing in the water and chit-chatting.

Cold pool was the next one. There was a waterfall where you could enjoy water splashing on your back. Do not underestimate the potential energy of water — our back ached in just a minute. We played in the water and also the slides. Group photos were taken when we were half-naked. Unfortunately, it started drizzling. Realizing that the time has struck 4pm, it was time to pack up and prepare to leave.

Egg boiling was the coolest activity. There is a nest-liked shape pool designed in such a way that it could easily fit the eggs and boiled it. The source of heat came from underneath and naturally boiled the water. It was fascinating as you see the steam aroused. I figure that it could be a very creative way to boil the eggs instead of using electrical appliances. Only the officers have participated in this activity. We were not allowed to bring eggs into the hot spring. The only way to get an egg was to buy them from the stall there. The prices were not cheap, but it was worthwhile to just experience something new.

At around 5pm, we got onto the bus and left. Although it was a tiring and exhausting excursion, we will always remember the fun we had. I would say that it was a good outing overall despite the heavy traffic. We definitely had a great fellowship with one another and gained a lot of new experiences as well. It also served as a good exposure to the Boys who seldom go for an outing with their friends or family. We have enjoyed ourselves truly.

We had our dismissal at 6pm. A closing prayer was said by our captain, Mr. Yee, and some announcement was made.

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