1st KL's Band Exchange Program

Posted on 04-Dec-2014

By Private Vinhur Lim of the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company

June 2nd, 2014

It was a normal Pesta Preparation Camp for the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company BB Boys. Even though it was a normal camp day, all the Boys were so excited. This was because we were having a band exchange program with SMK Jinjang and SMJK Chung Hwa. The reason we had this program was to interact with other bands, to learn from others, improve our skills, and most importantly -  to make new friends. Both of these schools and our Company also share the same band instructor, Mr.Wan.

After we woke up at 7am, we were given 30 minutes to wash up and dress to our full ceremonial uniform. We were given instructions to head down to the cafeteria and have our breakfast. Some of our brothers wore their school uniforms and went to school for their librarian probationary examination.

Whilst having our breakfast, the band members from SMK Jinjang arrived. Our Sergeants brought them up to Hall A on 3rd floor of Wesley Legacy Centre, where they had their band warm-up session with Mr.Wan. After we finished our breakfast, we took our instruments and went up and arranged chairs in the main hall so that we could have a combined band practice with band members from the other schools. After arrangements were complete, the Boys left Hall A only to take a sneak peak at the SMK Jinjang band through a glass window.

SMK Jinjang band members having a warm-up session with Mr. Wam.

Soon after, we were able to join the Jinjang band members for sectional practice. It was indeed a great opportunity for us to interact with them. After a few minutes, the Chung Hwa band arrived and they went up to Hall A to also have band practice with Mr.Wan. Every instrument has different location for sectional practice. I am a flutist, so I went under the woodwind section led by Corporal Shane Teh to the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH). In MPH, we interacted with the Jinjang band members and given a song in which we would be play together during the combined band section, entitled  "One Direction in Concert.’’

The sectional practice ended after an hour and we proceed to the cafeteria for lunch. As the host, we helped in serving all the band members lunch. It was an extended lunch – it was about 2 hours long. The reason was that because it was not just a typical lunch time, it was also an opportunity given to us to have some fellowship time with band members from SMK Jinjang and SMJK Chung Hwa. 

After lunch, we went up to the main hall and got ourselves ready for a combined band session. Everyone was trying their best to play the song that they have learnt in just one day. After that, all three bands were having a showcase on their own respective competition pieces. Our band went first after the practice ended with the two others also presenting their songs. To be honest, their bands are much better than our band. This encouraged our band to work harder in the future. We took some group photos after we had completed our performances. 

Is that all? Not quite. The 1st KL Pesta Dancing Team presented their dance performance as well, where I was one of the dancers. At the end of the day, we exchanged our contacts hoping to keep in touch even after this camp. At about 4pm, the Jinjang band and Chung Hwa bands departed.  Shortly after, we too had our dismissal, packed up out stuff and headed home.

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