2014 Enrolment Service of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

Posted on 19-Aug-2014

Report by Corporal Brendan Eu Che-Jie of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

15th July 2014

SENTUL - Year 2014 indeed has been colourful with so many happenings over at my company. At the flip of the calendar, we have marked on the second half of the year! Now everyone’s attention was on our annual 12th Kuala Lumpur Company Enrolment Day, which was held on the 15th of July on our home grounds, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur. Besides being one of the company’s customary events, Enrolment is always something that Members always look forward to – the day where their hard work would pay off as some Members look forward to put on at least one stripe on their arm while they earn their Badges and Awards. Although it was on a public holiday, the Boys still put aside their leisure and attended this major event. Some of the parents made the effort to be present eagerly anticipating their boys earning their awards and badges too.

The members turned up as early as 7 o’clock in the morning to facilitate all the necessary preparations and to have a final round of inspection around the venue. All Members then assembled for a short briefing and given run through of the whole event by the Officers. We thanked God for giving us such a fine weather as I recalled last year we were forced to hold our Enrolment in the school hall due to bad haze. All praise to God for granting us good weather on such an auspicious day full of surprises – well at least for some of the Boys.

The opening parade was then held in the parade ground, while waiting for the arrival of the Guest of Honour, Mr. Andy Tan, the Deputy State Commissioner of Kuala Lumpur State BB Council and the Captain of 4th Kuala Lumpur BB, to inspect the Guard of Honour. The other Members who were not involved in the Guard of Honour were instructed to fall in at the back of the parade ground according to squads. We were delighted to receive audience from even Mr. Francis Chiong the BB Asia Executive Secretary, Mr. Lawrence Tay and his Boys from 1st Seremban Company (which is based in WMS Seremban), Mr. Benji Wong of 8th Petaling Jaya Company, Madam Chia, our beloved Principal, and even our sister counterpart, Officers from 3rd Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade. Reverend Christopher Rao was invited to say the opening prayer and followed by the inspection of the Guard of Honour.  Subsequently, all Boys proceeded to the school hall in an orderly fashion. The Officers then ushered all guests to the hall.

The event proceeded with the marching in of the Colour Party led by Colour Bearer, LCpl. Ong Wil Sern, flanked by my brother and myself as the Colour Sergeants. The emcees LCpl. Nigel Ng and LCpl. Yap Ming Yang (now a Corporal) reminded the Boys to put on their caps and to salute the Colours as the Colour Party passed by, with the playing of the tune “Underneath the Banner”. The Colours was received by our Chaplain, Rev. Christopher Rao accompanied by our Captain, Mr. Nicholas Yeap.

The Praise and Worship team then took over and led the congregation into the time of praise and worship. The congregation even learned few actions that accompanied the songs; an interaction amongst the Members was felt too. Subsequently, Chaplain shared a simple but meaningful message and testimony during the Word session which had enlightened the Boys. All of us were reminded once again to on our purpose in the Brigade. A video presentation, done by Corporal Jack Lim (now a Sergeant), was shown to the audience; a footage of the company’s activities and events for the past 6 months.


After the video presentation, Mr Nicholas Yeap proceeded to the stage to give out the first round of awards to the Members. A smile was eminent on every face as it was a tough journey each had undergone to earn the awards and badges each has desired for. After all, it was a worthwhile attempt. The Guest of Honour and officers were also invited on stage to give out different awards to Members. This was followed by a very own trademark performance by Private Alex Ong (now a Lance Corporal), who had put up a fascinating singing performance that had resulted into applauses from the audience.

Next came the 2nd round of Awards presentation. Our Captain and a few other guests were invited on the stage to give out the awards to the recipients. Private Johnston Tan (now a Lance Corporal) followed by giving an outstanding and awe-inspiring dance performance which led some Boys into a standing ovation.

Finally, the moment where the members awaited had arrived! The hall was filled with suspense throughout the announcing of promotions. Mr Andrew announced the promotion from Privates to Lance Corporals and followed by Captain who announced the other promotions. Some were in tears as they heard their names being called; acknowledging the triumph of their promotion. Madam Chia Loy Tian, the Principal of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur was invited on stage and was given the honour to put on the Sergeant sash for the history making event. One of the current Lance Corporals, Ong Wil Sern was double promoted to a Sergeant! It was the first double promotion in the company history and the whole hall was filled with overflowing joy. My brother and I were promoted to the Corporal alongside with Ming Yang and Nicholas Ng – I couldn’t believe myself to being promoted too.

The Company also has witnessed the first two Officers appointed from the current Senior NCOs. Sergeant Yip Wei Jian was discharged as from his Sergeantship and appointed as Instructor while Sergeant Jason Pereira was discharged from Sergeantship and appointed as Staff Sergeant. With that, we have two new Officers joining the Officers Council. Captain also announced that one of our current Officers, Mr Lim Chee Ho, has now been officially appointed as Lieutenant and will join Lieutenant Andrew in the Council – a total of five Officers sitting in the Company to facilitate the smooth operation of the Company with the introduction of the new batch of NCOs. 

Having done with all promotions and appointments, it was time for all of us to be officially enrolled into the Boys’ Brigade, renewing our pledge and BB membership for the new BB year. This was followed by a speech by Mr. Andy Tan. He brought greetings from the State Commissioner Mr. Tony Chow who was absent due to health reason. Last but not least, our Captain gave his speech to thank all those who had present. All of us then proceeded to the canteen for a pot-bless lunch, marking the end of this history-making event.


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