2nd KL Visits 1st Kajang

Posted on 06-Apr-2013

Written by LCpl Ng YiXuan of 2nd Kuala Lumpur Company

BATU 9, KAJANG - On Saturday 6 of April 2013,  after our BB parade, a few of us from 2nd KL Boys' Brigade went for a quick lunch before heading to 1st Kajang Company to attend  their awards day. Unfortunately, the event was postponed as they were unable to obtain the badges from BBM on time. So, it was a normal BB parade. We went there by car but was not sure where the company was situated, so we  spent some time on the road finding our way to 1st Kajang’s place. There was  a heavy traffic jam on the road. I was very tired and slept in the car until we reached around 3:00pm.


We saw 1st Kajang doing  their opening parade. After  they finished,  they went into their sanctuary at 9th Mile Lutheran Church for worship and games. I also saw another BB company which was a new company based in Jinjang which joined the program on that day. We had worship and sang songs like Happy Day and a few others. After that we have games, led by 1st Kajang’s Sergeant. Then it was drill time where we joined in. The drill was held in a nearby school, SJK (C) Batu 9 Cheras. The 1st Kajang seniors held their water bottles and jogged from church grounds to the school. Also the 1st Kajang member taught the BB members from Jinjang to do drill. After training was complete, the 1st Kajang senior drill squad did a presentation of drill movements for all to see. 


After drill, they proceeded for closing parade at 6:00pm sharp. From our arrival at the start, we noticed that their entire meeting schedule was carried out with precision and all the times were observed accurately.

When closing parade was completely, we had a group photo shoot and we have a nice watermelons for refreshments. We stayed back to chat with their new captain, Mr. Tan, for a while. We show the him some BB badges that Mr. Darryn brought along. Then the captain show us some of the antique BB items that they were still keeping in their BB store.

We left Kajang around 6:30pm, endured heavy traffic again and reached Sentil at 7.20pm. I was very exhausted but I had a lot of fun and I made a new friends.