2nd KLs Recruit Camp at Kuala Kubu Bahru

Posted on 19-Jul-2013

By Lance Corporal Ng Yixuan of 2nd Kuala Lumpur Company

July 6-7th, 2013

KUALA KUBU BAHRU, HULU SELANGOR - On Saturday 6th of July we held a camp for our Recruits. Our seniors and some of the members of 6th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade and 4th Kuala Lumpur Girls' Brigade also joined us for the camp, held in Kuala Kubu Bharu. The seniors stayed overnight in our sponsoring church, Grace Methodist Church Sentul, to prepare the equipment for the camp. In the morning of 6th July, at 5:00am we woke up get ready for camp. After everyone is ready, we had our breakfast. Then we falled-in on the basketball court for a short opening parade. Officers briefed us about the journey. After the briefing we headed to the KTM station. Upon arrival at the KTM station we waited for the recruits to arrive at the KTM.
After everyone arrived, we started to moving out to the camp side. We took the KTM from Sentul and finallyarrived at Kuala Kubu Bharu, 50km away, 2 hours later. From the KTM station, we  walked to the camp site in 6.2km. When we arrived at the camp site everyone was tired because of the long journey.  After we check in our Dorm, we had our lunch and then changed out of our uniforms into our sports attire for the obstacle course. We had so much fun. After the Obstacle Course we have our Dinner then the NCOs ran a program called ”Uniform 101”, which was a brief introduction on the correct method to polish and wear our BB uniform. After that we had a rest and got ready for next program, “Night Line” which was very fun. After the Night Line is time for lights out and to catch up on our sleep.

Day2, at 5:30am,we woke up, washed-up and assembled at the hall to get ready to do morning exercise. After doing exercise, we had a short Drill session followed by breakfast. After breakfast, we got ready to go Jungle trekking. We hiked inside the jungle and learnt more things along the journey and had fun together. After hiking we walked back to the camp siteto pack our bags and take a shower and have lunch. After lunch we took our bags, put them in the hall, had final talk and presentation of certificates. Five individuals were also selected as “Best Campers”. A mini awards presentation was held for the seniors who had achieved proficiency badges in the past 12 months. After that we walked back to the KTM station (another 6.2 km) and reach KL by 7:00pm and dismissed.

I had so much fun in these 2 days and learn a lot of things like discipline, teamwork and leadership. Also I met a lot of new friends a lot the camp. I hope a can attend more of this type of camps.

Short comment from Mr Darryn Chiew, Lieutenant:
The camp was organized to give our new recruits from SMK Sentul Utama a taste of outdoor life and independence. It was good to see that everyone had great fun despite the challenges faced especially for most of them who were camping for the first time in their lives. Kudos also to the 6th KL Boys, mostly juniors, who were very impressive as they were enthusiastic and outgoing in all aspects of the activities. In fact, for the 6.2km walk, we secretly organized for transport to meet us midway in case there was anyone who couldn’t complete the journey. However, no one gave up at the midway point and everyone walked till the end, including the girls from 4th KL GB, some as young as 9 years old. This probably motivated the seniors not to give up too. Overall, despite it being a very short camp, everyone went back with new friends and new experiences. The NCOs also had a chance to improve their sense of leadership and responsibility and a few privates managed to show their potential as future leaders. For their enthusiasm, self-improvement and team spirit, 5 individuals were picked amongst the rest as “best campers” and they are: Patrick Soon, Goh Jing Rong, Lai Yue, Ritz Leow and Palanisamy.
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