3rd KL's Year End Camp in Perak

Posted on 12-Jan-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Jerome Wong of 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company

December 14-17th, 2013

IPOH-PANGKOR, PERAK - The year end camp for the year 2013 kicked off at 0700 hours when 21 Juniors, 35 Seniors and 5 Officers from 3rd KL gathered to have their attendance checked. We were then given 10 minutes to have our breakfast while we waited for the bus to arrive. As soon as the bus arrived at 0830hrs, the Boys were very eager to get on and under away for our journey to Gua Tempurung, located near Gopeng, Perak.

At about 1200hrs, we have reached our first destination, Gua Tempurung. Many of us were excited, especially the Juniors, as they have never been to a cave before. Once everyone got down from the bus, we were separated into 4 groups. The first group was the first group to enter, followed by the next and so on. The camp committee bought the tickets and distributed them accordingly. Then, it was our turn to enter the cave, with a guide leading us. Yeah!

Everybody was looking forward to some caving and not to mention, we got to explore 3 out of 4 areas of this magnificent cave. As we entered the cave along a concrete path, the sunlight became dimmer and dimmer as we walked deeper into the cave. The cave was dimly lighted with yellow-orange coloured lights. As we were moving forward, our guide showed us some fairly interesting things such as the formation of rocks which looks like an animal, tools used for mining tin ore and communist used the cave for shelter during the Malayan emergency.

After a 30-minute walk into the cave, we reached at a t-junction where we continued on using the route on the right. There, it was totally pitch black and everyone had to turn on their torchlights. We reached at a point where the path ended and had to continue on as our guide said so. Just a few more feet in front of us was a 10 feet high drop off. To continue on, the guide asked us to slide down. Once we had finished that obstacle, there were more difficult ones where we have to fully soak ourselves to overcome them.

Eventually we got out of the cave at 1645hrs and we felt relieved and happy. Lunch was distributed after we had washed up. Then, everyone got on the bus and continue our journey as we head to Ipoh. Once we had reached Ipoh, we spent the night at Wesley  Methodist Church which is located next to the ACS Ipoh secondary school.

Upon dawn of the next day, everyone attended church service and later packed up as we continued our journey to the jetty in Lumut which we need to transit towards Pangkor Island. On the way to the jetty, we stopped in Sitiawan located nearby Lumut to have our lunch before continuing on. Everyone was really excited once we had reached the jetty and quickly hopped on to the ferry to get us to the island.

It took us almost an hour to get to the island but once we reached there, we took a taxi to Teluk Nipah where we stayed in a chalet resort called D’ Senja Beach Resort. It was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon after we had checked in, settled down and everyone was given free time. Some went for a dip in the bluish-green ocean while some stayed in their chalets to sleep.

At night, after a delicious dinner, particularly the sambal fish, everyone went for a night walk at the beach lead by the camp committee. Everyone had a fun and playful stroll.

The next morning, we woke up at 7am sharp and assembled at the beach in teams. However, not all teams managed to wake up as instructed! Excluding the teams not present, the rest were required to build a sand sculpture of the BB logo. The first three teams managed to complete the logo the quickest will have breakfast.

After breakfast and everyone was wide awake. The Seniors were divided into 4 teams to play the game “Capture the Flag (CTF)”. But before that, we played the modified version of dodgeball. The winner which came at first place will get to choose their “powerup” out of 4 powerups for the CTF game followed by the second place and so on.

Then, everyone had lunch and is given free time until 6 o’clock to do whatever they like. Juniors followed the officers into town along with some of the Seniors, while other seniors played in the ocean and some even participated in water sports such as banana boat, jet skiing and mable. Everyone was totally having fun! By 6pm, everyone was given an hour to wash up. Once everyone had cleaned themselves up, everyone went to town to have a scrumptious dinner which consist of 4 dishes which are fried chicken, toufu, scrambled eggs and some vegetables. Everyone went back to the chalet resort’s hall after dinner for a short speech by our company captain, Mr. Terence Tay, followed by vesper before heading back to the chalet to sleep.

The next day was the day we went back to Kuala Lumpur. We had a cup noddles as breakfast before leaving the chalet to the jetty for the trip to Lumut.  Upon arrival at Lumut jetty, everyone went for lunch in groups until 3pm before the bus arrive to take us back to KL. After a 4 hour trip down to KL, we finally reached YMCA. Everyone brought down their luggage as some our members parent waited for them to bring them home.

All in all, this camp was a really fun camp to end the year 2013 and huge thank you to all the committee members who organized this camp and all the members and officers who attended the camp. Most of the newer members and Juniors managed to know the Senior members and officers better and vice-versa during this camp. In 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company, we look forward to more camps as continue and strive to improve ourselves.

Group picture at the beach