4th KL Band Camp 2013

Posted on 19-Jun-2013

Written by Lance Corporal Wan Rui Ming, from 4th KL Company

28th of May 2013

SUNGAI BESI, KUALA LUMPUR - As the band concert is around the corner, our company organized another band camp, the second, for all of the us to upgrade our skills for the songs that we will perform on 8th of June 2013. This camp lasted for 3 days. This is the summary of the 3 days and 2 night camp.

All the members gathered in St Gabriel's church around 8am for head-count of the attending members and to load the band instruments.We hopped on a bus and headed to SMK St Mary in Selayang for a combined band practice. Along the way, just like any usual morning traffic - JAM! We tried killing our boredom by talking about our expectations of the concert, of which everyone was getting more and more excited about. 

Around 9.30am, we arrived at SMK St Mary. Once again, we gathered up our instruments and members.. as to not leaving anything (or anyone) in the bus. After that we went in to the school's canteen and prepared for the combined practice.


The bell rings and it's 10am, the band practice in on! (Feeling like back in school during school holidays)

The practice ended at 3pm and we went back to church to continue our additional practices. At night, we burrowed into our sleeping bags, getting a good nights rest to ready ourselves for the practice the next day.

On the last day it was a bit different. We went to Luther Centre for rehearsal of the band concert. Once again, we hit the traffic jam after we pulled out from church. We arrived in Luther Centre at 10am and quickly move the instruments and additional equipment into the main auditorium. The practice started once everything was in place.

While we’re practicing, we felt the excitement in the air in anticipation for the concert, which also reminded me that the concert was drawing near and I have to do my best. While we are all rehearsing and practicing, the junior members (privates) helped to arrange the chairs in the hall.

At 4pm the rehearsal ended, we went back to church, packed our personal belogings and it was home sweet home.

All of us both 4th KLs and St Marians were ready for the upcoming concert!

4th KL BB Band and SMK St. Mary's Band joint rehearsal
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