4th KL BB and 2nd KL GB Combined Enrolment Service 2014

Posted on 30-May-2014

Report written by Corporal Wan Rui Ming of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company

May 18th, 2014

SUNGAI BESI, KUALA LUMPUR - Rise n’ shine people! The highly anticipated day Brigadiers of 4th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade and 2nd Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade have been waiting for has finally arrived, a Combined Enrolment Service. It was conducted along with the regular Sunday church services to spice up the days atmosphere.

Serving God Stedfastly” - 2 Chronicles 19:9

The bible verse above served as our theme for this year's Enrolment Service. The day started off with the boys and girls preparing for the event by getting dressed, taking out instruments, and banners. At 10.30am, the trumpeter blew the fall-in call, and members from both companies gathered in the compound to commence the even. Church members and families also gathered around the compound to witness the start of Enrolment Service. Moments later, the band sounded off the fanfare signaling the arrival of Puan Tan and Puan Ng, the respective principals of SMK St. Gabriel and SMK (P) Pudu, where the respective BB & GB are based.

Left: The band, Center: The Colour Party. Right:  Reporting to the row of VIPs for inspection.

The colour parties marched in as the event commander shouted ''Kumoulan Panji-panji masuk, baris!''. The National Anthem (Negaraku), the Anchor Song, and the GB Song were sung shortly after the colour parties marched in. After that, the event commander and officers accompanied the principals to inspect the Boys’ and Girls’ guard of honour.

''Keluar - Baris!'', shouted Sergeant Kenneth Lee. We falled out and went inside the church hall for continuation of the ceremony. Seats were filled with members from the two Brigades, joining church and family members. The colour parties marched in and brought the colours to being laid beside the Cross at the altar. Worship started shortly after and congregation sang the praise and worship. Next, a refreshing performance was given by the BB Junior Sections', which demonstrated their Chinese yo-yo skills. The boys did well despite a short time of practices.

 Left: Customised event banner. Center: Praise and worship.  Right: Guest speaker of the day, Reverend Wong.

Finally, the highlight of the event – the announcement of promotions! We all cheered as names were announced and the receivers marched up to receive their new ranks and gifts. This year, the 4th KL company had ''given birth'' to 1 new lance corporal, 5 new corporals (Author: I am one of them. Hehe!), 1 new sergeant, 1 new staff sergeant and 2 new warrant officer, and a new captain. Not forgetting, we also have a new President Badge holder, achieved by Staff Sergeant Tam Eugene, with the GB achieving two new Pioneer Pin holders.

The Combined Enrolment Service 2014 ended with declaration and pledge-making of members in both Brigades. As a conclusion, we vowed to be good examples in the Brigade and to serve the 4th KL company both as a leader and also follower. The colour parties marched out with the respective company colours marking the end of the service.

"With great power, comes great responsibility". We must always remember that promotion is not an award nor a reward, but a responsibility. We must also show self-respect which comes with the rank and not abuse the power given, and most importantly, to respect to each other and stay together as a team!

Mr. Alistair Tham, one of our lieutenants, gave us encouraging words, that “the future is in your hands! Keep it up!”

4th Kuala Lumpur Company Enrolment Service 2014 Group Photo

4th Kuala Lumpur Company Structure.

 Officers Council
Mr. Andy Tan

Mr. Alex ong
Warrant Officers
Mr. Tang Kit Ee, Mr. Tang Hong Ee, Mr. William Tan, Mr. Ngai Qi Hao
Staff Sergeant
Tam Eugene  
NCOs’ Council
Lance Corporals
Kelvin Tee,Yi Sheng, Jonathan Cheng, Koh Kar Seng, Dylan Oon
Choong Jenn Jou, Desmond Lee, Kenny Choy, Sam Chuang, Ngai Qi Yan, Wan Rui Ming
Kenneth Lee
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