4th KL Enrolment & Awards Day : Be Relevant or Irrelevant

Posted on 09-May-2013

Written by Lance-Corporal Wan Rui Ming of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company. Photos by Young Leader Janice Sek & edmundloong.com

28th of April 2013

SUNGAI BESI, KUALA LUMPUR - The sunny morning started up with an atmosphere which was filled with feelings of happiness and intensity. The annual 4th KL BB and 2nd KL GB Enrolment Day has finally arrived! It was Sunday, so regular church service was combined with our Enrolment Day to spice up the ambience.

The clock strikes at 10am, members from both companies gathered at the parade ground when the fall-In call sounded. Church members also gathered around the parade ground to witness the start of Enrolment Day. Few moments later, the band sounded off the fanfare as the arrival of Guest-of-Honour, which are both school principals from SMK St. Gabriel, Puan Tan and SMK (P) Pudu, Puan Ng. Our event commander shouted, ''Panji-Panji masuk - baris!''. Colour parties marched in as the principals and officers stood in place ready for the ceremony to kick off. We sang our National Anthem and the Anchor Song with full spirit. After that, Puan Tan and Puan Ng, accompanied by officers from both companies, inspected the fully dressed Boys and Girls in the parade ground.

Left: Guard of Honour inspection: Center: MC for the event. Right: Worship team 


We falled out and went inside to the church hall for the service and continuing the ceremony. Seats were filled with members from the Brigades and church congregation. The Colours were marched in and were being stood beside the Cross. Worship started as the Boys getting prepared for the band performance. After that, the band gave a preview on the upcoming Band Concert that is going to held on 8th of June 2013.

The sequence of events finally reached a climax - promotions! This is what every senior has been waiting for and they have been guessing who will be promoted, even myself. Myself, my friends, members from 2nd KL GB got promoted to Lance Corporal or Pioneers. We have 2 new officers, 2 new Staff Sergeants, a new Chaplain and a new Captain - which marks a new beginning of our role and characters in the Brigade.

Left: Appointment to Staff Sergeant. Center: Commissioning of YLs and NCOs. Right: Commissioning of officers.
The Enrolment Day 2013 ended with declaration and pledge-making of members in both Brigades. As a conclusion, we vowed to be a good characters in the Brigade and serve in the 4th KL as a leader and a follower, to be a good character. The banners of both Brigades marched out escorted by high-ranked members.

This marks the end of the Enrolment Day 2013.


Although some are not promote to the desired rank, it doesn't mean they will not be promote in the near future. Do your best, be the best! No matter what rank you are! You are still a leader under the name of The Boys' Brigade.

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