4th Kuala Lumpur Awards Day 2014

Posted on 08-Jan-2015

By Corporal Wan Rui Ming of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company

November 15th 2014

SUNGAI BESI, KUALA LUMPUR – For most members of The Boys’ Brigade, the annual Awards Day is a day that we all receive our achievements and badges as well as a time to reshuffle our badges on our chevrons.

The 4th Kuala Lumpur Company’s 2014 Awards Day, which happened two weeks ago, marked the end of this year’s uniform wearing days and the official start of off-session month.

Left: A joyful singsporation session for the 4th KL members. Right: The Captain giving a speech.

Before the main event begun, our band practice continued as usual. Its 3pm, and all the members falled-in outside the church compound, ready to kick start the event. After marking the attendance, members went in to the main hall room with feelings of excitement and tension. Singspiration and mini-games were led by Staff Sergeant Eugene, worshipping God and to warm up the members.

 Left: Corporal Choong ready to receive his awards. Right: Lance Corporal Zi Xi receiving his chevron and lanyard.

Finally came the awards giving session. Most of our members performed well and received badges, and two of the our Boys, namely Private Pang Hau Loong, and also Junior Ryan Cheng received the Best Boy of 4th KL Award. This is a special award which are given to those who excelled throughout the year and also served as an encouragement.

Left: Best Boys of 2014. Right: Newly promoted Cpl. Jonathan and LCpl. Zi Xi.

Not forgetting, this year we also have 1 new Corporal (Corporal Jonathan) and 1 new Lance Corporal (LCPL Lim Zi Xi) who joined the NCO Council of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company as a freshman.

Ranks and badges are not just solely for showing off, but it is an achievement and it should be worn with pride and honor” – Mr. Andy Tan (Captain), 2014

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