5 Reasons BB is Fun!

Posted on 10-Aug-2013

Written by Private Nathan Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

5) Learning Music

Joining the band is more fun than you think, even if you can’t play any instruments. Not only will you learn to play a variety of brass, woodwind or percussion instrument, you will also have the chance to perform with the rest of the band in front of huge audiences. Although band practices may take long, committed hours to sharpen our skills and coordination, the joy comes when we see ourselves improve and play music pieces together in perfect harmony. We learn to trust our section mates as well as those from others sections. Without a doubt, joining a band is fun!


4) Get Promoted

For anyone who wishes they could gain recognition and respect, getting promoted would probably be number one item on their list! Getting promoted is probably the dream and desire of every BB member. But it comes with great expectations, not only from the officers but from our peers looking upon us for guidance. Getting promoted is also a joy as it is an incentive or reward for our performances in the company and a sign that the officers trust us to carry out more roles and responsibilities. It may not be easy, but the rank obtained from trying will probably be fun AND exciting.


3) Make Friends

After just a few months in any company, you will find that the majority of BB members are extremely sociable. Many will be happy to help you in almost anything and everything. In the  BB, everyone can be your friend, Even that scary officer breathing down your neck. Under a setting where everyone is treated equally (under the rules of BB, such as those in drill), we go through many experiences together, laugh together, suffer together and cry together. During camps, practices for competitions or retreats which can span several days from home, friends in the BB become more than just friends, they become “family”. Friendships in the BB can last a lifetime and a friend will be there for you not only during fun times but also in times of need.


4) Earn Badges

From first-aid to martial arts, from water adventure to drill. Everything you do could earn you one of those shiny things – called badges. They aren’t hard to get. You can write reports on a computer? There’s a badge for that. Brought a friend to BB? There’s also one for doing that. Even things you did before joining can help, like your stamp collection or obsession for swimming. Earning awards and comparing them to our peers are one of those things that makes life in BB interesting. These awards will also give us recognition later on, as it is proof of our all-roundedness, making it easier to land a job in the future.


1) Great Camps

Everything in BB is fun (to some people). But in my opinion, camps are the “funnest” of the fun. Every company holds an average of five camps a year, with most members joining at least two or three of these. Boot camp, Pesta, NCOs Training Courses, retreats and company camps are just a few well known ones. These camps are not your regular church or school camps where you sit in a hall for 3 consecutive days, listening to the pastor preach or a professional training hyping us up. Instead, camps organized by BB will always keep you on your toes, giving you both fun and education at the same time. In camps such as these, the “magic” and love for the BB is intensifies unexplainably, but it probably has something to do with the fact BB offers that one special experience on can experience no where else.


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