A Date With The Orang Asli

Posted on 04-Sep-2014

Written by Sergeant Ong Wil Sern of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

TRAS, RAUB - Have you ever spent time with the Orang Asli (Malay language for natives) in Peninsular Malaysia? On the 2nd of August 2014, 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade  had their chance to pay them a visit at an Orang Asli Education Centre (OAEC) in the deep and thick forests of the state of Pahang.

The 3rd KL GB (which operates in the same school as our company) had been having their annual trip to the SEMOA OAEC for the past two years. SEMOA is short for Semanjung Orang Asli. This year, the Boys from 12th KL BB were fortunate enough to have a joint community service project with the Girls to the same centre. Our aim this year is to initiate a library for the Orang Asli children as well as to have a time of fellowship with them. We really thank God for the support we have received from our school (Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur) in allowing us to raise funds, collect book donations, as well as allowing us to use the school premises for the preparations and practices we have had.


A day prior to the event, we took some time off from our holidays and came back to school to make some final preparations before going off to SEMOA. We were split into different groups, namely the Worship Team, the Book Packers and the Cupcake Bakers. We had a really fun time. It was great to see the older members from both the BB and GB teaching the younger members some knowledge and ways to do things such as, serving in the worship team, how to bake cupcakes, and even how to seal cardboard boxes without using tape. Within 3 hours, we managed to have everything prepared and ready for the next day. We also got to have a short prayer session before we left for home.

Soon, it was the next day. By 7.45am, everyone was here and everything we needed to bring was already loaded unto the bus. We departed from school at 8.00am and we had a 2-hour drive to get to the site. Not before long, we reached the place and we were greeted by cute, little orang Asli kids who were really excited having us there. We were brought to their community hall and their Pastor, Pr Timothy, welcomed us with a few words and gave us a brief introduction on what SEMOA OAEC was about. After that, we kick-started the programme with a game of “Simon Says” to warm everyone up, followed up by our Praise and Worship session led by the joint BB-GB worship team. It was a great experience especially for the some of us who have never been in a BM praise and worship session. The only time we had to use English was when I was lost for words halfway through the opening prayer. Next up, we had a teacher from our school, Mr Kenneth Lim, who is a pastor-in-training to share about the “Prodigal Son”. His sharing was followed by testimonies by representatives from the 12th KL BB and the 3rd KL GB. We then had our first session with some icebreaker games before all of us had KFC and the other food we have brought (including the cupcakes!) for lunch. At the same time, our NCOs, some of our Privates and some of the older GB girls started setting up the library with assembling the shelves that  we have brought over to the site, as well as organizing and labeling the books according to their appropriate age groups(pre-school, primary & secondary).

After a very satisfying lunch with the OA kids and teens, we continued on mingling around with them while having some telematch games and work in the library. In groups, everyone had their turn playing the games organized and facilitated by the 2nd and 3rd year BB & GB members. Each group also had their share of work in the library, such as sorting the books and putting them into place. One of the highlights of the day was the captain ball game which got everyone really hyped up. Unfortunately, a heavy downpour had one of our games cut short. I thank God for our Captain, as we managed to adapt quickly under his instruction. We managed to twist and turn the rules of captain ball to cater to the smaller space we had in their small community hall.


In the midst of our laughter and happiness, it was time for us to head back to KL. We ended our day with them with a photo taking session and a heartwarming thank-you speech by a retired teacher who was a volunteer at the SEMOA Education Centre. She shared a bit about how life for the orang asli is like and also some of the problems faced by these brothers and sisters of ours. We were especially encouraged when she talked about her calling and determination to help the orang Asli community, as well as doing her part as a tutor to raise the children to be men and women for God.

Our trip back to KL was filled with emotions. Although we only spent a mere 6 hours with them, we were really sad to bid them goodbye. Yet at the same time, we were indeed very happy to be able to help them out. We hope that we were a blessing from God to them and that our visit to their centre would make an impact in their lives.

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