A Day at the Fire & Rescue Department

Posted on 12-Oct-2015

By Lance Corporal Justin Lum of 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company

September 24, 2015

TAMAN DESA, KUALA LUMPUR – “HELP!!! THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!” – a few simple words which most of us are probably not prepared for. Have you ever thought of how to put out the fire and save other peoples lives? On 24th of September, a total  of 14 Boys from the 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company visited the Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat (Fire and Rescue Department) of Taman Desa as part of their Fire & Rescue Award. This award aims to educate our members on the safety measures that can be undertaken in the event of a fire as well as to learn practical ways to rescue people.                

The first item in the list was an address and briefing by the head of the Taman Desa fire station of the day’s activities. The fireman then proceeded to teach many subjects, for example, basic knowledge of fire science, methods of extinguishing fires, common causes of fire, and escape from the fire and smoke. During these sessions, w have received many good tips on how to escape from fire and smoke.

In the next session, another fireman explained the functions of fire trucks. There were several types of fire truck with many different types of accessories for the various forms of incidents.                       

Halfway through the session, the alarms suddenly went off loudly and the firemen were called out to attend to an emergency, which was quite dramatic.  As our guide was unexpectedly called off, another one of his fireman colleauges took over the course. The Boys resumed their tour and was given a rare opportunity to climb on top of a fire truck and handled some of its accessories.               

While waiting, SSgt. Lim Chzeng Sir was given a chance to put on the fireman suit. Many of our members took his photo as he tried it on. Apparently the suit are very warm when worn.

Some of our Boys tried riding on (more sitting on) the heavily modified motorcycles. There were three type of motorcycle used by the Bomba motorcycle; the HOSE, RESQ, and PUMP. The HOSE and PUMP motorcycles are intended for mobility, in case a fire truck is unable to reach the scene of incident ahead of time.  early the BOMBA motorcycle will be arrived first to help out. RESQ is the paramedic motorcycle and will be the first to arrive on to check for casualties.     


After the lunch break, we continued our course by learning how to put out the fire with the fire extinguisher. That was interesting session as the fireman taught us the correct methods of how to use the fire extinguisher. The steps were to pull out the pin, aim at the based of the fire, then “sneeze and swap”. If this was not done properly, it will take a much longer time for the fire to be put out. We only had a few members trying out the fire extinguisher due to a lack of petrol and fire extinguishers available.         

After our last session, we finally concluded our course. We hope that we will soon visit the Taman Desa Fire Station for our Advanced Level Award. Some of our members were also were also keen to plan a fire & rescue course in our company for those who didn’t go for the Firemen Course. To the good people at the Taman Desa Fire & Rescue station, we hope to see you again soon for another course! Thank You.

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