A Day of Fun and Saboes!

Posted on 28-Jun-2013

Written by Private Joshua Ying, 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

May 25th, 2013

CHERAS, KUALA LUPUR – Although it seemed like a normal meeting, everyone knew that something special was about to take place. Band went on as per usual and members streamed in at the usual meeting time, but the expectancy of a good, fun day was in every mind. That week’s meeting was specially planned to bring some fun into our weekly schedule and the members were certainly looking forward to it.

After opening parade and the worship and announcements sessions, Sergeant Timothy began the games by splitting the members into teams. Next, each team had to come up with a cheer. They did banana dances, Harlem shake, Gentlemen, and other cheers. It was a good ice breaker before the main games started.

Following the short ‘warm-up’, the members were instructed to proceed to the school canteen to have their first game: Banana Split Mouth. The aim of the game was to drop various Banana Split ingredients into all your team members’ mouths, without any misses. They would be lying down on a bench, and the dropper would stand on the bench positioned right above their mouths. There were quite a few mishaps, with ice cream splatting on people’s noses, rice sprinkles scattering all over their faces, sliced bananas ending up on their eyes (of course, their eyes were closed) and chocolate sauce dripping from the sides of their faces. Despite the mess, there was much shouting and laughter and it was an enjoyable game – especially for the onlookers.

The dirty-face participants went to wash their faces before they moved down to the field for the next game: Balloon Defense. In this game, the members had to build a fortress out of chairs to protect their ten balloons, which were their team’s lives. They also had a clothesline clip attached to their left sleeves, which represented their own individual lives. To eliminate other members, they had to detach their clip from their sleeve. The aim of the game was to protect their own balloons and destroy other team’s balloons. All of the members had fun running around in the field, attempting to eliminate their friends and destroying each others balloons.

The last game was held in the school car park. Each team had to send one challenger for this game. The challengers were blindfolded and were given four chilis. They had to answer questions verbally and eat the chilis at the same time. The aim was to answer the most questions correctly and eat all of the chilis before the questions ran out. The other team members were giggling while the challengers painfully ate the chilis and desperately answered the questions. In the end, there were two extremes: one challenger ate all of the chilis but didn’t manage to answer any questions, and one challenger answered the most questions but didn’t eat any chilis. However, all of the challengers received a ‘punishment’: They got a free shower and shampooing!


To wrap up all the fun and games, the last highlight of the day came… Madam Esther and Sergeant Cherylyn got saboed! After cleaning up the mess, the members got changed and cleaned and headed back home. They definitely counted the occasion as special and worth it.

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