A Girl-Powered Company

Posted on 27-Dec-2014

By Private Ng Sue Ann of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published December 28th, 2014

It is very encouraging to see not just boys but girls standing in the halls worshiping our heavenly Father each and every Saturday morning as I walk in for parade. As the years have gone by ever so quickly, 10th Kuala Lumpur Company has become something I like to call a “Girl-powered” Company! Girls are encouraged by the school and parents to join into this Company as they would be able to carry themselves better, be physically stronger and also be closer to our ever so loving Jesus Christ under the care of the dedicated and passionate Officers, Instructors and NCOs whom most spent their youth in this big family just like anyone of us here.

The beginning

Ms. Girlie Tan, whom was our first chaplain, was the lady that decided the school (Sri Sempurna) needed a Christian-based organisation that would encourage and help the boys and the girls to learn more about discipline, self-control, self-respect, God’s word and to also prepare them for the future. Then from this a small idea, 10th KL was miraculously born! Even as she is no longer in our Company, she led our Company in the past with a strong will knowing that what we would be was worth the sacrifices she made.

Our outstanding Capitan (captain)

After the past 16 years, we are very proud to have our beloved Madam Esther Chew as our captain. She has been one of the many inspirations to our new girls and those whom strive to be like her. Madam Esther is one of my inspirations in The Boys' Brigade, teaching me through her examples and ways of leading this Company. Her long service in The Boys' Brigade has set a goal for me as well to do the same and reach where she is now.

NCO Council “Chairwoman”

Freshly elected, the epic female Sergeant, Lydia Barker was chosen by us the council as our chairman. She is also one of the main reasons why I continue my stay in this Company. Sgt. Lydia is ruthless when it comes to being serious, yet she has a big heart when it comes to caring for her Juniors. She is also responsible when carrying out her duties and makes sure that each and every parade held weekly runs smoothly. She also encourages us girls to not be shy, but to be more out-going and to do our best in whatever we possibly can do to help the Company.


In my Company, the girls are slowly increasing in numbers and learning to take up roles in this ever growing organisation. Even though as girls we are most likely known for being soft, fragile and weak, we the girls of 10th KL strive to be as equally strong as the boys in both physical and mental aspects in our time here in the Company. Because of the sacrifices and effort we have put in, I am able to say that this is why we are able to be where we are today as girls of the 10th KL company.

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