A Joint Parade with the St. John's Ambulance

Posted on 07-Apr-2015

By Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Photos by Ms. Susan Pee (Lieutenant)
Published April 7, 2015

CHERAS, KUALA LUMPUR - It was a hazy day, people were milling around under the shade. The guard of honor marched in and Founder's Day was underway. Everyone would agree that It was one of the best Founder's day that KL has had. Yet, scroll back around 5 hours, we juniors of the 10th KL had one of the best times in our whole time in BB. On the November 15th 2014, we learned many, many new things. Things like how to make a splint, carry an injured person to safety, help a choking person cough the offending piece of food out and so much more. Not many can boast to have learned what we did on that day at such a young age.

Everything was per the norm as we rushed to the field at the sounding of the trumpets, except that it was hotter than an oven (Simile)Then again, that's normal too. After closing parade, we went to the music room for praise and worship. Subsequently, Lance Corporal Jack led a game in which we were supposed to form a circle and sit on the person behind one's legs, and then walk. Badges, name tags and whatnot popped of as everyone tried to accomplish the challenge. Everyone was having loads of fun when time ran up and the juniors and seniors went to a different part of the room to have word.

Subsequently, our main event was about to start. While the seniors went of for their badge work and drill, we stayed back to wait. Just as everyone was starting to champ on the bit (idiom), Sergeant Jia Qian came in and explained to us what we were about to do. The St. John Ambulance that used the same area as the 10th KL were kind enough to come and teach us about some of the techniques of the first aid kit. The group of St John's came in and after introducing to us them, they proceeded to explain how to perform all the techniques. First of all came a mannequin called Choking Charlie and another named Resusci Annie. Choking Charlie is a practice dummy people use to simulate a person choking while Resusci Annie teaches others how to perform CPR. After demonstrating how to use the dummies, they moved on to a few techniques on carrying an injured person to safety. This went on for a while, the St John's teach while we observe. After teaching us everything, the St John's split us up into four groups. Each was put on one of the four stations. After a group finishes trying out everything in that station, that group would move to a different station. We were all enthusiastic about it and were trying to hurry and get started as ants gathering food in the winter (simile). And so we learned. Things like how to make a splint, the best position for an injured person to lie down and so much more!

Yet, all good things would come to an end eventually, and so did this. After what seemed like a second but was really around two hours, the whole company was thundering out for closing parade. Even though the activity was shorter than most would have wished, the knowledge that was imparted to us was as precious as box of gems (simile), and we were very grateful towards the San Johns for teaching us.

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