A Journey to Penang for Founder's Day

Posted on 10-Nov-2014

Report by Private Marikannan Mailvakanam of 2nd Kuala Lumpur Company

September 16th, 2014
GEORGETOWN, PENANG - A few weeks ago, our instructor, Mr. Darryn Chiew made a trip to Penang for a vacation. While he was there, he visted the 1st Penang Company (the oldest BB Company in Malaysia), attended Penang State Council's BB Founders' Day celebration, and also joined 18th Penang Company's 10th Anniversary Dinner. 

Mr. Chiew travelled to Penang by bus, departing from KL at 9am. After a long journey whereby the bus made a several stops, he finally reached Butterworth around 3pm. He was picked-up by a former BB madam, Carol Lim from 3rd Butterworth Company and brought to 1st Penang Company at Trinity Methodist Church Penang. The 1st Penang is the oldest company in Malaysia, founded in 1946. On that day, the Seniors went to another venue for gymnastic award class, so only half the company, i.e. Junior Section, was present at the church. The Juniors were quite well-behaved and the program ran smoothly that day. Awards class was followed by drill and then sports and games. During closing parade, the seniors already came back from their gymnastic class so there were more people on parade.


The next day, Mr Chiew met up with a few members of the 18th Penang Company, who brought him around to visit various places in Georgetown (capital of Penang) by cycling. They visited places such as Chowrasta Market, Esplanade, St George’s Church and St Xavier’s Institution as well as cycling in and out of v arious streets in Georgetown. After that, they took bus to find a badge shop supplier to enquire the cost of making some souvenir BB badges for 2nd KL company as it seems that badges cost were  more affordable in Penang. Then they went to Gurney Plaza for a late lunch and just to cool down in the air-conditioned environment before watching a movie at night, “The Maze Runner”.

The next day, Mr Chiew went for brunch with 1st Penang Captain, Mr. Wan Chang Da at a place nearby Mr. Wan’s house. Since they will be spending the rest of the day at the Penang State Council BB Founder’s Day, they decided to order more food and Mr Chiew was able to try many different types of authentic Penang food instead of those from ‘tourist’ places.   


This year, the Founder’s Day in Penang was held in Times Square, a shopping mall. The event began with Guard of Honour inspection, and then everybody moved upstairs for the service inside the shopping mall. It was a very unique service as it was held in the middle of the mall itself. Things went on smoothly and Mr Chiew was also able to meet some of his former squad members from Pesta 2014.

After that, the members of 18th Penang had to stay back and prepare for their 10th Anniversary dinner which was also held at the same venue but at an outdoor stage area downstairs. There were a few performances throughout the night, especially the Fancy Drill and Indian Dance plus a few singing performances. After that, Mr Chiew went for supper with some Penang BB officers from 1st Penang and 8th Penang. The next morning, he had to leave back to KL by bus. The bus back to KL was even slower and he finally reached KL at 5pm after a long and tiring journey. Mr Chiew enjoyed the time spent in Penang and wishes to visit again someday.

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