A KL Sergeants Visit to Penang

Posted on 16-Jul-2013

By Sergeant Alios Lee of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company. Photos by Nicholas Ng.

June 22nd, 2013

 GEORGETOWN, PENANG– It was a sudden surprise when I was told by one of my Girls’ Brigade  friend, YL Michelle Chong that the 2nd Penang BB and GB were going to have an Enrolment Service on this particular weekend and asked me to take the opportunity to visit Penang with her. From where I am currently staying, it takes about 2 hours to Penang, but this seemingly outrageous and spontaneous  invites turn out to be one of the most precious memories I will ever have.

I was told that the enrolment service was to start at night and there will be some activities in the afternoon. This news is only on the grapevine but I was not sure how true it was. When the two of us arrive at Wesley Methodist Church in the afternoon, the officers of both 2nd Penang BB and GB welcomed us with open-arms. As we had arrived so early, we were called upon to help out in the scavenger hunt that will be held in Gurney Plaza and both of us gladly agreed. It was quite new for me as my company had never done such activities on enrolment day.

Left: Briefing for the treasure hunt. Center & Right: 2nd Penang members scrambling around Gurney Plaza

After a short briefing from the organizer of this event, Mr Barnabas Yeoh, all of us went to Gurney Plaza with great expectations. The hunt started as soon as we arrived at the shopping mall. Seeing them running around everywhere, perspiring and working hard for their groups to win made me realise it was quite fun to organize these type of activities on enrolment day. The run ended after one and a half hours. All of us gathered at the main entrance and got ready for the main attraction, which was the flash mob. The flash mob was a total success after all the hardwork and effort put in by its participants.

Left: 2nd Penang flashmob! Center: The fall-in call is sound. Right: BB members preparing for the service. 

We went back to the church to get ready for the highlight of the day, which was the enrolment service. After a nice dinner, the parade started with the fall-in call. Those who are eligible to receive the awards marched out to accept what they had worked hard for during the past year. I am sure they felt proud of their achievements.

 Left: Bagpipers of 2nd Penang BB. Center: The 2nd Penang GB getting prepped. Right: Guard of Honour.
After a short recess, the service started. Mr Ch'ng Ewe Hong, 2nd Penang BB. Penang’s captain, gave the welcome address before the trooping of colours started. We sang some hymns before the sermon began. Rev. Paul Christie preached on “God Loves Whom He Treasures”, letting us understand that we are treasures in God's eyes. After the sermon, the long awaited promotion for the Boys and Girls finally arrived. Everyone cheered and gave encouragement to those who were promoted. The service ended with the singing of the recessional hymn, “Will Your Anchor Hold” and a last performance by the 2nd Penang Pipe Band.
Left: Inspection of the Guard of Honor. Center: Rev. Paul Christie leading the opening prayer. Right: Performance by 2nd Penang Pipeband.
It was a tiring day for everyone but the enrolment service was a great success. Let's pray the companies of 2nd Penang BB and GB will grow from strength to strength and achieve greater things by the grace of God.
  Group photo of 2nd Penang BB and GB
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