A Memorable Day at BB

Posted on 03-Oct-2014

Report by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
Published October 3rd, 2014
Everyone probably has a memory of some day, whether good or bad, that sticks like super glue given enough time to dry. These memories could be like watching Lee Chong Wei beat his archenemy Lin Dan in Japan, or maybe going to Petronas twin towers for the first time. Simple things like going BB with low hopes of anything interesting going on could turn into an day full of fun, involving castles, kings, “cannon balls”, a lot (seriously, a lot) of newspapers and much more!

Two trumpets called out, summoning all members of 10th KL company to the field for opening parade. On that day most Officers and NCOs were absent due to the holiday going on. Eventually every member gathered in the main hall for an hour of praise and worship.

For word, the Seniors went down into the music room, while the Juniors stayed back. An amusing way that we Juniors get our revenge on the Seniors for bossing us around is that when the officer in charge gives them five seconds to get out, we (Juniors) count for the officer! It is very amusing for us, though perhaps not for the Seniors.

After word, we sat around chatting with friends when an instructor came in and announced that we would be playing a game. Everyone cheered, and the instructor started telling a story about six kingdoms without castles. So we were divided into six groups to represent the six kingdoms. Our job was to build the castles and projectiles to launch against other kingdoms castles.

Oh, what fun everyone had, the “castles” to form of varies things! (none of them looked liked castles) One looked like a snowman without hands, while another looked like a dumpster. They were all so crazily made that one looked like an ice scream cone turned upside down! The winning group and prize is yet to be announced.

Still, it doesn't matter who is the winner, for all that matters is that all of us had fun. The went on and we cleared up the mess that inevitably found its way into the hall. Closing parade came and went, and we all went home satisfied.

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