A Video Speaks A Million Words: 1st KL Celebrates Fathers Love in Style

Posted on 30-Jul-2013

Written by Private Henry Chay of 1st Kuala Lumpur Company

July 20th, 2013

WESLEY METHODIST CHURCH, KUALA LUMPUR – If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a short video would speak ten-fold! On July 20, 2013, the 1st KL Boy’s Brigade Company hosted a Boys’ Brigade Video Awards (BBVA) Day for the first time in its company history.

It all started when 1st KL was having its preparation camp for the recent Concert Band Festival in July. The campers were quite surprised when they found that an activity in the camp schedule was marked as video editing. It turned out that we were taught by the Officers to do some simple filming and video editing. Our newly appointed Honorary Captain, Mr. Terence Yap, who organised this activity, informed us that this would be an opportunity for us to express our appreciation for our fathers in light of the Father’s Day season. The Officers also told us that this was an inter-squad competition and there would be awards for the best video, best production, and best actor.

 Left: The making of "Father Said No". Center: Some Boys working on the camera. Right: There's always time for a group photo.

Later, every squad was given a large piece of paper so that everyone could state their suggestions on how to begin making the video. We did our planning on that day itself.

After the camp, we completed the rest of the productions such as filming, editing, and more retakes to cover up any sorts of mistakes within the month of July. Members from every squad had to sacrifice some of their free time after school or during their weekends to see their video clips come to life. As a backdrop to the videos, most parts of the church premise were used for filming.

On July 19, all squads submitted their videos to the organising committee and the judges deliberated on the nominations overnight. Some members were nominated for best actor award, others for their cinematography and direction. The nominations were announced by midnight of July 19. Prayers were made for each nominee’s success and everyone who was nominated had high hopes but nobody could be fully prepared for what was about to take place the following day.

Left: We like to stay casual. Center: "Mr. Gru"/Yow as emcee of the BBVA Night. Right: Envelopes that contained the names of the winners. 

On the day of BBVA, our regular BB meeting started as usual at 12:30pm. It was a fine day with clouds hovering over our heads and everyone just couldn’t wait for the time to pass. Routinely, the day began with band and we had some simple things to do: polishing up our basic skills and trying out some warm ups. Time was ticking, but it was not fast enough for the burning hearts that couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive. When band ended, the Boys changed their attires and had a short break before proceeding to Hall B in the new Wesley Legacy Center.

Once in the hall, we realized that some parents had arrived too. All was silent for a moment and everyone was wondering when it would begin. Just then, “Gru” jumped out. Yes, “Gru” was the emcee of the BBVA Night. Apart from being a bald 1st KL Officer, Mr. Yow did indeed bear a slight resemblance to the main character of “Despicable Me”. Once most parents have arrived, Mr. Yow began announcing the winners of BBVA. Every time we forgot to cheer as he announces the winner, Mr. Yow would face us and lift both hands, a gesture that “Gru” does to get his minions to cheer. Then, there was an intersession with a singing performance done by the Officers of 1st KL, a special presentation made to the fathers of the 1st KL BB Boys.

There were six awards in total and everyone was greatly satisfied with the winners. They are as followed:

  • Best Editing: Shane Teh (B1) & Yong Zhi Hui (A1)
  • Best Cinematography: Shane Teh (B1)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Wong Tuck Ken (B2)
  • Best Script: Au Kar Fei (B2)
  • Best Director: Shane Teh (B1)
  • Best Actor: Kelvin Tham (B2)
  • Best Video: "Father Said No" (B1)     

As brothers, we share our victory together. At the end of the day, everyone went home as a winner, because we knew we were one. Even though the BBVA has ended, the burning passion in every Boy’s heart showed their excitement and anticipation towards the repeating of such an amazing event.

Left: Special performance by 1st KL Officers. Center: Mr. Gru conducting interviews. Right: Prizes given out.

 Watch all the videos here:

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“Dad, I was Wrong”
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"I Will Never Give Up on You"
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