A Walk to Remember – Embarking the BB Journey

Posted on 21-Sep-2014

Written by Corporal Brendan Eu Che-Jie, 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

September 10th, 2014

For many would not have noticed Boys’ Brigade was the longest lasting uniform organisation, as most of us were more to being exposed to other uniformed units such as Scouts and the Red Crescent Unit in our younger days. In our Company, the majority of us had only come to know Boys’ Brigade when we were first admitted into Form 1. In our casual conversation, we will assume that those who joined BB since young were a “rare” person.

In our Company, one of these “rare” people is none other than Lance Corporal Siew Hui Zhuan. He has been joining the Boys’ Brigade since Junior, serving in 1st Sepang Company. “It caused a love-hate relationship between me and the Brigade, from loathing it to absolutely loving every single aspect of it,” said Hui Zhuan as he recalled his past. “When I was 5 years old, my parents sent me and my siblings - my three elder sisters to the 1st Sepang Boys’ Brigade Company.”

Back when Hui Zhuan first joined Boys’ Brigade as a Junior, he disliked it as he didn’t like the point of giving physical punishment when done wrong. “I was always bombarded with seemingly endless punishments, mostly from the Sergeant. I was always caught for not polishing my belt and losing my badges,” Hui Zhuan stated with a slight frown.  On every Saturday morning, Hui Zhuan went to BB parades with an unwilling heart, and even so that he had to plead with his parents in order to skip parades. To him, he couldn’t benefit anything from Boys’ Brigade and he thought that it is just a waste of time. “I failed the Blue badge test for four times. I just wanted to quit so badly at that time.”

In 2009, Hui Zhuan’s family moved to Sungai Buloh because of his father’s job. His Saturdays were left alone due to no BB companies nearby their place prior to their knowledge. Hui Zhuan, being happy because he wouldn’t get anymore ear pulls from his fierce and dreadful Sergeant for not polishing his belt. Soon, the Junior swing of the 1st Sepang Company was disbanded due to lack of manpower. Many might have thought that Hui Zhuan would be happy over this, but he did not. In fact, Hui Zhuan was feeling sad because of this. “I began missing life in BB. I reminisced the times that we went camping, suffered during the drills and attending badge classes,” said Hui Zhuan.   

Months passed by, Hui Zhuan spent 2 years in the Klang Valley doing aimless things; playing computer games all day long. Deep in his heart, he was longing for doing something much more meaningful than spending his past time in front of the computer screen. Much to his unanticipated surprise, a Junior Camp was held in 2011, and Hui Zhuan signed up without any hesitation! Since then, Hui Zhuan had not given himself an excuse to skip any weekly Parades, although it was a hectic experience of travelling down from KL to Sepang. “I got to refresh my BB knowledge and fired up my passion for it, although it was only a fairly period of 3 years,” he exclaimed, “that my junior life went on smoothly and I was discharged when I graduated from primary school.”
Upon moving to Wesley Methodist School last year, Hui Zhuan, as a new Form 1, was introduced to the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company. “I thought since I won’t be going to Sepang that often anymore, it would be more convenient to join this Company,” as mentioned by Hui Zhuan. It was a fresh experience for him, going through different operating procedures and the vast number of members made Hui Zhuan experiencing a brief cultural shock. Fortunately the effects didn’t last long and he grew used to the company, adapting and adjusting to the new Company. It has also given Hui Zhuan a new perception of NCOs and of Officers. “An NCO isn’t just a member with a rank with the right to punish you; he can also be your best friend and it is the same for the officers too,” said Hui Zhuan with a smile. He was growing to be one of the most potential Recruits, taking up roles as a guitarist and a drummer in the Worship Team, as well as being an active member of the newly established Drumline Team. “I was the staple drummer in the worship team for the whole of 2013, and it helped me to grow stronger in my faith.” According to Hui Zhuan, Drumline was one of his enjoyable moments in 12th Kuala Lumpur Company. “It has been a fun-filled experience as I get to play the percussion, something that I like very much; and I get to perform in front of a crowd. It has enhanced my self-confidence and caught my interest in performing arts.”

Year 2014 marked an exciting year in Hui Zhuan’s BB Calendar. He participated in the Basic NCOs Training School as well as being the part of the 12KUL Drill Team in the KL State Drill Team Competition. “Though my team didn’t win, we certainly gained a lot of experience from it and now know better how to improve our drill and raise its standards to a higher level,” said Hui Zhuan. Following from that, Hui Zhuan also attended the bi-annual Pesta in Kampar, Perak. “It was an eye-opening event as there were so many fascinating activities held and I got to know members from other Companies and countries too,” shared Hui Zhuan with a slight astonishment in bout of getting to witness the grandest event of all trades in the Boys’ Brigade. His efforts, hard work and contribution later earned a bonus; Hui Zhuan was promoted to Lance Corporal in the last Enrolment.

As Hui Zhuan quoted his experience, he said, “Life in BB won’t be easy. As a member for 10 years, I could easily testify that how much I benefit in terms of physical, mental and spiritual growth. Once in, you’ll stay hooked. Believe me, I am.”

Thank you for sharing your life journey in BB with all of us and indeed we have seen how much your passion for BB all these years! Keep up the good work, Samuel!

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