Basic and Advanced NCOs Training School 2013

Posted on 26-May-2013

March 23-25th, 2013
NEAR PETALING STREET, KUALA LUMPUR - Every year the various Boys' Brigade State Council will organise a leadership training camp, called the NCOs' Training School (NCO stands for Non-Commissioned Officer, which are basically teenage student leaders) which is conducted in two levels - Basic and Advanced. Kuala Lumpur State Council has been having theirs somewhat consistently for the last few years.
The syllabus is pretty much unchanged since 2006 when both BNTS and ANTS modules were revised. Unfortunately, we can't give too many details on how the course operates as it will spoil the "fun" for future potential members participating in this programme. We can reveal that it is a programmed designed to enable participants to think out of the box, get out of their comfort zones, learning to work with "strangers" and most importantly - to expand their leadership skills. 
Left: Participants getting themselves registered. Center: Practicing for the opening ceremony. Right: Debrief by headcoach.
This years, NCOs' Training School was hosted at the Methodist Boys' School of Kuala Lumpur, right beside Wesley Methodist Church Kuala Lumpur, which is also the sponsoring authority of the 1st Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade. There were 39 participants for the ANTS from Selangor and KL, namely 1st Kajang, 3rd Kajang, 2nd Subang Jaya, 1st Petaling Jaya, 4th Petaling Jaya, 1st Puchong, 1st Serdang, 1st KL, 3rd KL, 4th KL, 10th KL and 12th KL - totally 12 companies, who were under the care of a mix of 11 officers, coaches and site administrators. Simultaneously, the BNTS was also taking place with 25 participants and 6 officers/helpers.
Left: Trainees undergoing squad discussions Center: A side activity which allowed ANTS trainees to scroll along Petaling Street. Right: Cooking their own meal. 
We tried a few things differently this year, changing the programme a little bit to make the course more challenging and more interesting for the participants (and just in case they compared notes with their seniors who have already completed the course). These involves trying new things and bringing back old ideas, which we found still works pretty well with this MTV Generation. Despite changing times, the BB is a disciplined organisation making us very different from other youth groups which may not be pushy or harsh. This is an disadvantage in term of personal develop as growing up "realising" that there is no consequence for your own actions puts our youth in a false reality which they will only realise once they hit the working world or when their parents are no longer around. Our emphasis on consequence and strictness is demonstrated throughout the course.. with the 38 "lots" accumulated (something only those who have attended ANTS before will understand).
 Left: It wont be a NTS without starjumps. Center: The final test. Right: Giving away certificates of attendance for completing the course.
There was evident change by the end of the second day where most members opened up and dared to take a step further as a leader. All trainees did well and it is hoped that what they gained in the course will not be forgotten and be applied wherever they go. A special thanks to all officers and helpers for the course, of which without, will not lead to the success of the NCOs' Training School.
KL ANTS 2013 Group Photo
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