BB and GB Fun Day

Posted on 18-Jun-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Nicholas Ng Kuan Yao of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

March 3rd, 2014

SENTUL - 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company had its first Fun Day event at Wesley Methodist School Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. The event was organized by Private Alex Ong, with the supervision of LCpl. Nicholas Ng Kuan Yao and LCpl. Nigel Ng Chong Wui, as well as with the help of 14 NCOs and Leadership Team members. This event was attended by the members of 12th Kuala Lumpur, as well as some members from 3rd Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade.

The event officially started at 7.50 a.m. with the usual calling for fall-in for parade by parade commander Cpl Jack Lim Kuan Wei. After attendance was taken, everyone proceeded to the chapel to have Praise & Worship session, led by LCpl. Ong Wil Sern and LCpl. Brian Eu. After the session, we had a short announcement session to settle some housekeeping and outstanding matters. Shortly after that, Pte. Alex Ong took over for briefing about the station games, whereas all the facilitators were told to stand-by and to get ready at their own stations.


There are 5 stations, in which are Circle Dodgeball, Ping Pong Capture the Flag, Dizzy Dancing, Phot Hunt, and Talk or Wet. The members will be playing by squad, whereas the GB members were allocated into their respective squads by Pte. Alex. The movement will be 2 squads competing one another in all the 5 stations. There were 10 squads formed, with each pair competing with one another. Point-sheets were given to all team leaders to claim their points for the final score. After 15 minutes of briefing, Private Alex released them and the station games began. Every facilitator was busy doing his job in his assigned station. LCpl. Nicholas Ng, LCpl. Nigel Ng and Pte. Alex were walking around, supervising the smooth-going of the station games. Every station games was going well, except for the Dizzy Dancing Station. It was formally known as Push Wars, but last minute we found out that the game didn’t do so well. Station facilitator, Pte. Jonathan Chan made a risky call by changing the game to Dizzy Dancing. At first it was a little messy, but soon enough it went smoothly and was one of the most entertained station game. Each pair of teams was given 35 minutes to complete the station before the whistle blows to change stations.


Around 11.10 am, as the final whistle was blown and that marked the official end of station games. Everyone gathered at the assembly ground for prize giving. The team leaders were told to hand in their point-sheet to the facilitators for final counting. During this time, Pte. Alex took over and briefed the ending of the station games by asking the participants how it went. He occupied the members while some facilitators counted the scores, and some helping cleaning up the areas used. Not long after, the results were out. The first placing went to Squad 7, First Runner-up went to Squad 5, and last but not least Squad 9 got the Third placing. The respective leaders went up to claim their prizes as well as have a squad photo with it. But that was not all - each station facilitators was given a chance to name the best squad during the play-offs at the station games. At the end everyone had prizes and was happy.


Fun Day officially ended with the call for closing parade, along with the singing of BB Vesper and Table Grace. After closing parade, everyone gathered to have lunch in the canteen, prepared by Uncle Jimmy. All the participants had their lunch and after that they all went back home, while some stayed back for sports. Overall everyone enjoyed the games and even though there were some mishaps here and there, it was indeed a ‘fun’ day to remember.


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