BB As a Junior

Posted on 02-Dec-2014

By Junior Adriel Chan of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published December 3rd, 2014

Among the many things that has happened in my life, joining The Boys' Brigade was probably the one of the most exciting events that has ever happened. Sure, I have visited places like the Twin Towers, but those are only momentarily, all that I learn during the time I am in Boys' Brigade will never be to be forgotten.

When I first joined The Boys' Brigade, I felt oddly out of place because the uniform I ordered had not came and I literally had to wear whatever I usually wear. Without any friends, I sat alone with my younger brother Jayden that was joining with me. Yet, God was with me and provided a few friends here and there, so I was never alone. I soon fell into the pattern of waking up at seven, reading a book or two, showering and changing into my uniform, eating breakfast then going to Boys' Brigade.

Even though I was very depressed and ready to quit on the spot due to a month of drill, my older brother Nathan managed to convince me to stay. What seemed to be a curse turned out to be a blessing, for after my first year, everything started to come together and Boys' Brigade started to truly become exciting and enjoyable for me. This may sound weird, but the event that I like and enjoy most is drill! I myself do not know why I like it, maybe there is no answer at all, maybe I just like to march around, obeying orders, who knows?

Boys' Brigade has taught me discipline the hard way. Drill, the various scoldings that I have experienced and much more has helped me to become a disciplined Junior. Even though everyone needs a bit of time to fool around, there should be a time that is dedicated to working, and attending Boys' Brigade regularly has helped me to become disciplined enough to withstand the urge to stop working and to start having fun.

Even while The Boys' Brigade has taught me discipline, it has also taught me teamwork. Right now, I am a squad leader, which implies that I am the leader of a group of Juniors. Yet, being the leader is not always a glamorous life, for getting children eleven years and above is no easy job for half the time they aren't listening to me at all. But all the hard work pays of as I can see that I am learning how to get along with the crowd, how to work together with everyone.  

All the while I have been in The Boys' Brigade, I have learned a lot of things. I have learned why the phrase “ one die all die” is best for the whole group. I have learned that sacrifice is needed to accomplish something. There are many more things not listed here that I have learned, but the thing that I have learned and want to remember for ever, is that BB is helpful in almost every aspect of my life.

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