Being A Committee Leader

Posted on 17-Nov-2014

Written by Private Wong Qi Jie of 1st Kuala Lumpur Company

Published November 17th, 2014
I have joined The Boys’ Brigade since 2013 when I was still an amateur in the teenage world. Since then, I already had the feeling that I have finally done something right this time. I have signed up to be a man! However, I have never expected to be chosen as a committee leader.

Back then, a few months after I was promoted to a Private, I was really shocked when I saw that I was added into the Recruitment Committee group on Facebook. I did not believe my eyes so I confirmed with Kelvin, the President of the committee about the news, and it was true!

I did my best throughout my time in the committee and I was then chosen as the Treasurer of the committee. As time passes, I put in even more effort when I continue to work in the committee. I was then promoted to the President of the committee the following year. However, I rejected the post because I think I am not capable enough to take in that position yet. The other committee members did not agree with me so they choose to vote for it again.

After that, I was finally chosen to be more than just the President. Instead, I became the Vice-President. As my President is a Form 3 student, he has to take a study leave and was forced to temporarily pass on his job to me.

Leading a committee was not an easy task at all, especially when I am in one of the main committees in the company and have to do a lot more work compared to the other committees. But, on the good side, I actually got more opportunity to learn. I have also learnt more about The Boys’ Brigade and my company. It was just like I have got an advanced stage on my Target Badge.

All this hush and rush did not stop me from practicing my leadership. Fortunately, I am able to balance and juggle all of these works well. This opportunity makes a better person academically, socially, and mentally, and it improved me in a lot of other ways.

Sometimes, all this work got me down and I always complain about it. But when I am done with these tasks, I ask myself these questions: Why am I chosen to do all these? Why is it me but not the others? And I answered them: Because I am capable of doing it. Because I am a better choice.

All of this has taken me one step further into how the NCOs and officers work. I have learnt a lot through this experience. I have what the others do not have — leadership. It is important for the youth nowadays to have this skill and ability as they are going to have to work and lead in the near future.

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