Being Punctual is Part of Discipline

Posted on 11-Dec-2014

By Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 25th, 2014

In a year, there would be many activities like Boot Camp, Drill Camp, Worship Camp, Fun Day and many more which were successful. What makes these events successful other than the detailed planning and good teamwork? The answer is very unlikely but nevertheless important: punctuality.

Punctuality, according to the oxford English dictionary means the act of being prompt, in other words – on time. For any event, punctuality in any large events in BB like Pesta, BNTS/ANTS is very important. Punctuality in these events are important not just because of the punishments inflicted upon the member, it is more than that. Want to find out?           

Punctuality in any event is important because it can affect the flow of the schedule of the event. For example an event like Pesta, if all members are on time, the event planned for the particular time slot can run without a hitch. If a group of members do not cooperate and come late, not only they are going to be affected, everyone is going to be delayed, the event may start late and ends late, everyone is affected. It is like the domino effect. Once someone topples, the rest goes down as well. Therefore, punctuality in an event is important.           

Punctuality in an event is important because it shows our respect for others. By arriving early, we show that we respect the organizer of the event and put him of great importance and acknowledge that he or she took the trouble to organise the particular event. For instance, if we arrive late for an event like a wedding dinner, would it look good or would we look as if we respect them? Nope. As a matter of fact it would look rather embarrassing to others. Therefore punctuality in an event, regardless of any event is really important.           

Punctuality is important is very important in an event is that we can show that we are reliable. Being punctual in an event shows that we are trustworthy, which is to say being punctual shows that we are worthy of another person’s trust. For instance, when we arrive on time, which is to say punctual on an event such as Pesta or even Founder’s Day can show that we are a person of great value, worthy of someone’s respect. Being punctual is really important; don’t ignore that fact, readers.           

Punctuality is very important because being punctual can build up our own personal reputation. Do you know that being punctual alone makes you respectable, reputable? Well it is true. Being punctual can help build up your reputation, making you more respectable, not necessarily saying popular. For instance, being punctual shows that you are a person of great value. The moment that you arrive punctually for any event, others will take your example and be motivated to arrive punctually for the event. When members see that you are reputable and always arrive punctually for any event, future events can run smoothly because members always arrive punctually.           

In conclusion, arriving on time is a great value in life as well as important in an event. Lets allow the habit be born in our mind and let us start arriving punctually for any event and not the usual ‘late’!

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