Benefits of Effective Planning in BB

Posted on 19-Nov-2014

Written by Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published November 19th, 2014

An event like Merdeka Day celebration looks very easy to take part in, but isn't so easy to plan effectively. Good planning is the key to planning in any event or outing. Effective planning is the core to a very successful event, making it a great advantage under any circumstance.

One of the advantages to good planning is that we can avoid any last minute work. Last minute work is definitely the last thing on your mind when you plan for an event like Company Fun Day, Enrolment and Awards Day, Awards Day, Boot Camp. Through effective planning, last minute things like PA system, preparing props required on a last minute notice, not allowed to use a certain venue, and last minute changes to roles all should be avoided through effective planning. We must all plan effectively as a team in order to make things successful.

Another advantage of effective planning in an event is that everyone involved, especially those which are involved in key roles like head of logistics or even the PC (Parade Commander) know what they are supposed to do. Many an event fell into shambles due to people not knowing what they are supposed to do. This is known as miscommunication. Miscommunication is where a message as simple as ‘fall in at assembly ground’, when it was passed to another person, it became ‘fall in at somewhere else’. This is what miscommunication really is. Therefore, effective planning is really important.

Effective planning helps in achieving objectives for events. For example, I am planning to organize boot camp. The objectives of that boot camp are to give recruits a good idea on what BB is like and kick start their life as a BB Boy. It is just an example. Planning for that particular event helps to keep you to the idea or rather the purpose of having the camp and prevents you from wandering off. It also helps you plan with ultimate ease. Just sit down, brainstorm ideas, plan on how you plan to take those ideas to reality and BAM! Success guaranteed. Almost instantly, provided that the ones looking at your plan really understand what you propose to do and whatnot.

Effective planning can reduce costs. By effective planning you can have a rough idea on what the expenses would be. From there you can plan on how to subsidize, how to lower the costs, how to get rid of costs that you think that are rather unnecessary in the event. An example is when you plan for an event like Company Camp. You will have to think on these: Where is the venue, cost required for the venue, cost required for transportation unless if you are going to walk there. Find out exactly how much the cost would be. Once you find out how much the cost is going to be, remember: reduce, reduce, and reduce. Through effective planning, your expenses could decrease by a fraction.

In conclusion, effective planning has its benefits. Let’s plan effectively from now onwards!

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