Camping at Outbac Broga

Posted on 11-Dec-2012

By Private Tan Wen Jie of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company
December 11-12, 2012
BROGA, NEGERI SEMBILAN - It was the 11th of December when the 12th and 6th Kuala Lumpur companies of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia held a 3-day 2-night Camping & Kayaking course. 16 members from 12th KL and 2 from 6th  KL participated in this activity which was held at Outbac Broga near Seremban in the State Negeri Sembilan.
1st Day

At 10am, everyone gathered at the Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (WMSKL) basketball court.  After that, the NCOs followed Mr Nicholas Yeap, the 12th KL captain, by car while the others went with the school van. We arrived at our destination an hour later. We were briefed by an instructor, Stephanie, about the course. Everyone had to introduce themselves by name, age & their purpose of attending this camp. Then, the participants were divided into 2 groups. Each group had to create a poster with their group’s name, logo, mission, motto & cheer. The posters from both of the groups were not satisfactory, so the groups had to redo it later.

Left: One of the camp instructors, Stephanie, giving us a briefing. Center: Our first attempt with the group poster. Right: The campsite
Rene was elected ketua kampung whereas Nicholas was elected penolong ketua kampung. Patrick, from 6th KL, was elected as secretary. Vincent was responsible of the cleanliness of the campsite and Nigel was in charge of safety and equipment. After that, we had our first lesson of the course - an Introduction to Recreation. We learned about the definition of recreation, the difference between recreation & sports,  the ethics of recreation,  the types of tents and places to pitch a tent. We had a half an hour break after the lesson. Then, each group had to pitch 2 dome tents by themselves as their sleeping area for the camp. The group discussion for the poster was next.  Afterwards, we had our dinner.   

The two groups presented their new posters after dinner. The posters were acceptable this time. The first group was named Bumble Bee while the other was Positive Tree. Soon, It was time for the second lesson after the presentation - Rope Craft. We were taught 8 different knots & hitches & their uses. The knots & hitches will be tested to determine whether the participants pass the test. It was also the last lesson of the day. After the lesson, everyone had a light supper. Then, some tucked in their tents while some took turns to do night patrol.


2nd Day

All the members had to prepare themselves by 6am for the morning exercise. We had a hearty breakfast before we started the third lesson - Canoeing & Kayaking. Stephanie taught the anatomy of the kayak & paddle, the difference between canoe & kayak, the types of kayak waters & many more. After theory, we learned how to use a “throw bag” as rescuing equipment. After that, all 16 participants wore their Buoyancy Aid, held hands & floated onto the middle of the flat water lake at Outbac. We floated back to the lake shore in pairs. After everyone mastered the basic technique of kayaking, we paddled the kayak on the water in pairs. While we were paddling, we took turn to capsize each other and rescue the fallen ones with the “throw bag”. We had a delicious lunch after the activity.

We then had our fourth lesson - High Elements. It was about the introduction of activities which are carried out above ground level. We were introduced to the types of equipments used & the procedure of rock climbing, abseiling & flying fox. After that, we experienced going down the flying fox which was 15 meters tall & 80 meters wide. Everyone had fun riding the flying fox.

Next, we had our fifth lesson - Fire Craft. We had to learn the proper method to start a fire with different types of   wood. Both groups were told to prepare a cup of Milo by boiling water with the self-made fire. Team Positive Tree had not much trouble setting up the fire while Team Bumble Bee had some difficulty. In the end, both teams had to drink the Milo they prepared. We had dinner soon after. After dinner, Mr Nicholas made a short announcement. According to The Boys’ Brigade handbook with some alterations, the participants had to pitch a tent & set up a campfire in pairs. The pairings were distributed according to the night patrol list. Some pairs decided to complete the tasks the following day while others tried to accomplish them that night. As heavy rain fell, all teams decided to complete them the next day.

Everyone revised for a written test after supper. The test will be held before the end of the camp. When the rain slowly subsided, some went to slumber while others revised for their tests or were on patrol.

3rd Day

Before having breakfast, everyone had a morning exercise as usual. It was a foggy morning. We had our knot tying test. All participants were supposed to tie 8 knots & hitches that were taught on the first day. All knots & hitches must be tied in a minute each. In the end, everyone managed to pass the test.  Then, we had our final lesson - Orienteering. It was about reading maps & the compass, understanding the definition of Orienteering, being knowledgeable of parts of a compass, knowing the types of ways of Orienteering, the equipments of Orienteering & many more.                   


Soon, we had time to cover the necessary requirements of the BB handbook. All pairs managed to complete the tasks in time. Participants had lunch before they revised their notes one last time. By half past two in the afternoon, everyone was ready to sit for the written test. Many finished the test by half an hour. After the test, it was time to pack & leave. We packed our belongings & dismantled the tent. Finally, we bid farewell to Outbac Broga as we headed back to Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur.