CNY Celebration in 12th KL

Posted on 05-Jun-2014

Report written by Lance Corporal Ong Wil Sern of 12t Kuala Lumpur Company
January 25th, 2014
SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR - Today our meeting started off with the falling in of the NCOs at the volleyball court at 7.30am. As usual the inspection of the NCO’s uniform was done before opening parade at 7.50am sharp. At the command of the parade OIC, we sang the national Anthem Negaraku and Anchor Song at the top of our voice.  The Members then proceeded to the chapel for the next program, praise & worship.
In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year celebration, praise & worship session was done with a twist, knitting some CNY experience for all Members. In fact, the Worship team had prepared two Christian CNY Songs which are in Mandarin and this gave an eye-opener experience to the recruits, especially those who were exposed to the Christianity for the first time. Even though we did not have the time to decorate the chapel, we managed to usher in CNY celebration mood especially during the singspiration session. The recruits really enjoyed themselves. After all, this was their first time ‘celebrating’ CNY in a BB atmosphere in a Christian school.
Following that, Mr. Andrew Tan conducted the Word Session by introducing Youth Alpha. A video clip was shown and few questions were being asked to facilitate group discussion. The drill session followed by dividing all Seniors into three different categories. The Pesta drill team went with Mr. James, while the privates went with Lance Corporal Nicholas Ng and the Recruits went with Sergeant Yip Wei Jian and Sergeant Jason Pereira.
Before we even realized it, it was almost time to call for Closing Parade. At 10.50am, the Parade Commander called for Closing Parade and all Drill Instructors were reminded to adjourn their drill session. All Members fell in at the Parade ground for Closing Parade and for their attendance to be taken the second time. Later, all Members were given a briefing session about the fellowship games which was to be held later.
The fellowship game for the day was Capture the Flag and was to be played on a one-on-one; Platoon Alpha against Platoon Bravo. Briefing for the game was conducted in the Chapel before the Members were released for the game. The members also had their sports. Last but not least, the Members were treated to lunch which was prepared as Pot Bless manner. Everyone enjoyed the varieties of dishes prepared and some commented that the food was delicious. As all good things have to come to an end, the Members were dismissed after their lunch at around 12pm. We all are looking forward for our next Parade after CNY holidays.
In a nut shell, today seemed to be the usual parade, but we managed to liven the atmosphere with some Christian CNY songs and enjoyed ourselves even during the Capture the Flag game. As each departed to our home, we were looking forward for the next Parade, which is after our CNY break.
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