Enrolment Rehearsal Cum Farewell to CPL/SGT Alios Lee

Posted on 13-Apr-2013

Written by Private Isaac Ng of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company

APRIL 13, 2013        

SUNGAI BESI, KUALA LUMPUR – Today was an important day for both the 4th KL BB and 2nd KL GB as we are having the first rounds of rehearsals for Enrolment Day. We were also told by officers that we will be having a Special Program this week and that lead us wondering what the were officers up to. But as we were all doing our rehearsal, everything seems to be normal and no one was expecting anything.

So things went well as planned. Everyone was carrying out the plans well until we started with the indoor rehearsals. As usual, every year we will be rehearsing the same sequence and officers always leave a cliffhanger during the “promotion part” and let us wonder who will be promoted this year. This year, things were a bit different and it goes like this...

Mr Alistair Tham, one of our Lieutenants, who was the MC of the event said this, “And now we have a promotion from CPL to SGT, let’s put our hands together for SGT Alios!”

Everyone were cheering and shouting and calling “SGT Alios!”.

 Our newly promoted Sergeant!
From his expression, I’m sure he never expected anything to happen today, nor did I.

Then our captain brought out the SGT chevron and the red sash.

He marched out to receive his chevron and our captain helped him to put on the red sash. He also received the Gold Scholastic badge, for achieving 6As in his SPM.

 Our captain and chaplains giving a prayer of blessing for Sgt. Alios as he undertakes his studies

After that our captain made an announcement and told us that SGT Alios will be leaving us for Kedah to further his studies and he will be away from us for time being. The crowd went from noisy to dead silent for while.

After the rehearsal we had some refreshments and we end our parade around 6pm.

We would like to thank SGT Alios for his service all these years and we also wish him all the best in his studies and we’re waiting for his return.


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