Founder's Day Fun Run 2015

Posted on 15-Dec-2015

By Mr. Wan Rui Ming - Admin Assistant, Administration and Extension

November 7, 2015

TAMAN SHAMELIN, KUALA LUMPUR - The day started off with final touches of preparation in the Taman Pudu Ulu field with volunteers arriving as early as 5.30am to set up the registration counter, putting up banners, and setting up counters to facilitate the run. Participants begun arriving around 6.00am for their warm-up exercises and to collect their Runner’s Pack. At approximately 6.15am, the first batch of BB boys entered the field with joy and excitement on their face. Half an hour later, the committee members, helpers, St John’s Ambulance, RELA, and traffic police reported to their positions and all was in place to kick start the event.


The number of participants began to increase as the time approached 7.00am. The emcee, Mr Nicholas Yeap, welcomed members from the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company to lead participants in a session of warm up exercises. Then the participants moved to the starting line where the BB Boys were there formed a human barrier. At 7.30am sharp, Mr Michael Yei, President of Stedfast Association Kuala Lumpur and our VIP, flagged off runners for Category A & B (Men and Women-Open). Following that, the Category C (Juniors) runners moved to line and were subsequently flagged off as well. Once all runners were off, the finishing line counter was set up where medals, certificates, and Gardenia breads were prepared.


It was only around 20 minutes after that race had begun when the committees received news that the race was cut short due to some errors and miscommunications. However, the race still proceeded as usual with the route from 1Shamelin to Jalan Taman Maju Jaya, which did not cross through Lake Garden and the water station as planned. The first runners crossed the finishing line around 8.00am. The water station crew were directed back to the field and distributed water bottles to the runners. All of the runners came back around 8.30am and rested in the main rallying ground area. Runners were scattered around the field. The Run Coordinator, Ms Janice Sek, started to tally the names and bib numbers of the top 5 and top 3 runners from Categories A, B and C.


Around 9.00am, the emcee announced the official results with Mr Michael Yei was invited to give out the top prizes. The public runners were dismissed around 9.30am while the BB members waited for further instruction for the closing ceremony with BB Vesper. Cleaning and packing up were done after that. All things were cleared around 11.30am before everyone went home.


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