Futsal + Food = Fun

Posted on 27-Jun-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Nathan Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
June 14th, 2014
Last Saturday, a group from 10th KL gathered for a single purpose: FUN!
The moment the game started, near chaos ensued. Nearly everyone rushed for the towards the football immediately, completely devoid of the discipline normally exhibited. 20 pairs of feet kicked irregularly, all attempting to alter its course in theirs favor. The only ones which showed no such desperation were the goalkeepers.
It didn’t matter that some had never played futsal before, nor that the court was being overloaded. In fact, it is probable that they contributed to the game instead. For it was hilarious to watch the accidental stunts, entertaining to see each rush for possession of the ball. It was a abnormal futsal game, dependent more heavily on chance than on pure skill.
After 2 hours, the game ended. Some walked out, bruises everywhere. Others pranced off to play yet another game. Eventually, everybody left the sports center for a meal to replenish their hungry stomachs.
The cool store was a relief after hours running around. Though it took 15 minutes to order the meal, another half-hour for the food to arrive, the wait was worth it. The food, when it arrived, was both pleasing to the eye and soothing to the tongue. It was a relaxing time of food and fellowship.
Very soon, the cameras and smartphones started appearing, aided by the presence of free WiFi in the area. The whole outing climaxed with the taking of a group photo of everyone who attended, though the chatting continued for some time. Sadly, all good times have to end, as participants left one by one. Soon, it was over.
It is difficult for a team to work if there is no trust. At the same time, trust cannot be built unless time is invested. Why not invest such time in fun? 
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