Getting Closer with Christ through the Worship Team

Posted on 09-Nov-2014

Written by Sergeant Ong Wil Sern of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 22nd, 2014

As a Christian Uniform Unit, BB stands upon two main pillars; Faith and Discipline, just as Sir William Alexander Smith intended 131 years ago. Since its toddler days, worship through songs and hymns had already been evident as a core of the movement itself, playing a part in encouraging young Boys into deepening their relationship God, as well as to attract them to join the movement. Today, with the introduction of new musical styles and instruments in past century, worship through music has manifested itself in a fresh, new form, as what we know as Contemporary Worship Music. Anyway, here in 12th KL BB, we have our very own Worship Department, manned by members who wish to spearhead the Company to pursue after God’s own heart. These Members form the Company’s Worship Team, leading everyone here to lift Christ up as we conduct our singspiration (a coined term for revivalistic praise and worship sessions, and for your information, most of our younger members are non-Christians) sessions week after week, in hope of bringing these young men to Christ. In this article, I would like to share a bit about our Worship team, and I hope that God may stir up your heart to read this article to the very end.

When our Company first shifted its operations to our current base, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur, we had no worship team. Our singspiration sessions were almost always handled by the then instructor of ours, Pastor Philip Marc. As a young Recruit and an unbeliever back then, surprisingly I loved singing praise and worship songs; somehow all my worries and burdens disappear as I started singing.

Soon, the next year came and Mr. Nicholas Yeap (then a Lieutenant, now our Captain) urged us, the Members, to join the worship team, and the team’s membership was open to both believers and unbelievers. After Pesta 2012, the few of us who were overwhelmed with the Youth Concert that was held during Pesta, joined the team immediately. This led to our Lance Corporals back then to organise our very first Praise Camp, with the assistance of our Captain and Mr. Jonathan Chan (LT) of 1st KL BB. That was the dawn of our Company’s very own Worship Team. Although it was started off in a bad shape, it definitely got the few of us to experience how it is like to lead in worship. It even sparked an interest in non-Christians like me to know more about God.

Our third year came as fast a lightning bolt, and we had our second praise camp early in the year. We had two guest speakers then, one of them being Mr. James Ng who was formerly from 1st KL BB. I was barred from serving in the worship team as I could not attend the camp, but the team began to grow slowly and steadily, under the guidance of Sergeant Yip Wei Jian (now an Instructor) and Sergeant Jason Pereira (now a Staff Sergeant). Those times were indeed really hard for them as they had to manage the many affairs of our company despite it being their SPM year. Even so, they pressed on.

It was then God led Mr. Andrew Tan (LT) to join our Company. Many restructurings happened in the company right after he was appointed as the Senior Section Commander of the Company, particularly when it came to the Worship Team. Officially, Praise & Worship Department was formed and I was welcomed to serve in the team once again! It was the perfect timing as it was shortly after I had accepted Christ during a jamming session held by the school’s Christian Fellowship. Not only that, I was just in time to see a great change in the Worship Team. From exalting ourselves instead of God and the some of us leading the boys into doing foolish movements during worship songs, we became much more Christ-oriented and well behaved. Also, Lance Corporal Brendan Eu (now Corporal Brendan Eu) was appointed as the Director of the Praise and Worship Department.

This year, things got even better when the team attended a Worship Workshop held at our sponsoring church, Wesley Methodist Church Kepong, organised by the church’s very own Worship Team. It was held just a few days after the KL-Selangor BNTS and ANTS, in which our Company’s members chipped in to serve in the corporate Praise & Worship sessions held throughout the camp. It was during the Worship Workshop that it dawned upon us that the way we have been serving as a Worship Team was still yet to be made right and that there was still much space for improvement. It was a great yet enjoyable 2-day workshop in which we were touched upon the many aspects of a Praise and Worship session. The primary focus of the workshop was to get us to understand what a heart for worship is, as well as the importance of setting our hearts right as a worship team before, during and after a Praise and Worship session. The workshop definitely set us onto the right track to grow deeper into a relationship with God, and drew us closer as a team as we set our eyes upon Christ.

A follow-up was done when Corporal Brendan Eu initiated our Praise Camp once again, with a member of WMCK’s worship team, Mr Jeremy Chew, who came back to help us in further improving our team. As he brought us further in depth into the Why’s, the How’s and the When’s of Praise and Worship, the picture became much clearer to us right now. It was like a transition from a 240p resolution to a 720p one. Following that, we were glad that we were able to share and help out the girls in 3rd KL GB on the understanding about worship when we had the chance to collaborate during our trip to SEMOA.

Looking back at how we have come from nothing into what we are now, I really thank God for putting together the blood and sweat of many God-loving individuals, and His very own breath into shaping us. Throughout the span of these 3-4 years, not only did God build up many young boys into serving Him in this area, He even made His way into the very hearts of quite a handful of unbelievers and led them to Christ. All glory to God for the many souls and lives that have dedicated themselves to Christ! Think about it, if God could do all of that over here in 12th KL BB, how much more He would lead many more individuals, young and old alike, to His body. As I end this article I would just like to pray and encourage that everyone single one of you serving God in any way possible to keep pressing on in what you’re doing.

...And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.”    (Hebrews 12:1-2 NLT)

Yes, don’t give up! For in due time, we will reap what we sow. I hope that this article would be able to edify every single one of you who are reading this article. Thanks :)

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