God's Plans

Posted on 25-Nov-2014

By Corporal Nathan of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published November 25th, 2014

We all have goals in our lives. Some of these goals concern our individual lives. Some of these concern the people in our lives. Some may concern our respective companies. Yet just as we have goals for each aspect of our life, God has a plan for each person in the world.

God's plans have existed before humanity ever came into existence. Before King David was born, God had planned to sacrifice His son for us. Before He destroyed the world with a flood, He already knew that Israel would be divided and conquered many times. Before the heavens or the earth had been created, He knew that all humankind would sin against Him.

God's plans can never be disrupted by Satan. It is said that “the first casualty of a war is the plan”. Such is how our plans are - unreliable. We simply cannot make a plan and stick to it 100%. To stick to a man made plan without evaluating constantly whether it is working would be extremely unwise. The plans we make are based on what we can see - a speck in the vastness of time and space.

God, on the other hand, is omniscient - He can see everything. From the beginning of time to the last moment, He knows it all. As a result, His plans are completely reliable. Never once has God's plan failed, nor will it ever. As a result, His plans are something we can rely on when all else seems to fail.

There are three main types of plans God has for us: His providential plan, His moral plan, and His personal plans. His plans are like a road, with His providential plan the tarmac, His moral plan the guardrails, and His personal plans somewhere in between. Together, these plans have worked to create what we call history, are working to make the present, and will always work to make the future.

God's providential plan is His plan for the world as a whole. It is what God is going to do, no matter how we try to interfere. Imagine God as the greatest chess player ever. God has some extremely specific objectives which He wants to achieve.

Yet at the same time, we sometimes don't want to obey even if He tells us directly. So God lets us be. He allows us to disobey Him, even if He doesn't like it. He doesn't encourage it in any way, but permits it simply because of our stubborn nature. Yet through it all, God's providential plan will be achieved. Even as He calls us, and we reject Him, His plans are always fulfilled through everything we do.

God's moral plan is His want for us to be like Him. This is what we call morality. Finally, there is God's plan for each and every one of us. We all have plans, but so does God. The question is if we allow God's plan to be done through our plans rather that despite them.


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