How its Like Being in a Worship Team

Posted on 27-Nov-2014

By Lance Corporal Zander Cheah Wei Han of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company


October 23rd, 2014


My fingers fly across the keys, each note is held long with the help of the sustain pedal, I start to play the intro to the song “Christ is Enough” as I am being accompanied by the lead guitar. Soon, the lead singer starts to sing into the microphone. We are in the chapel, leading the congregation of BB boys into a time of singspiration – praise and worship. It is simple, yet meaningful and it is my passion to do so. After all, I am a musician and am part of the team. As we reach towards the end, the sounds of the piano begin to drift around the room as the worship leader closes in prayer. Thus ends the praise & worship session, and I find myself looking forward to the next one – the parade where I will be once again playing on the piano.


When I first started serving in the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade, I was a private, just only a year ago. During the leadership camp last year, one of our team members Lance Corporal Ajith's family had a Deepavali celebration. Our Officers decided to pay the family a visit. Ajith stays somewhere near the school. During the visit, some of us were seen playing on the piano – as if each was asked to showcase an impromptu performance, playing his best piece of music. That was where and when my piano-playing capability was discovered.


When Staff Sergeant Jason took leave to focus on his SPM examinations, I started serving as a core team member; playing the piano for every parade. Through the opportunities presented by the Boys' Brigade and that God has gracefully given to me, I discovered my true passion of music and to lift high God's name through music. And I feel privileged and honoured to serve God in this vocation.


At the start of 2014, I started to learn how to play the bass guitar. I had a great teacher, and within six months, I was told that I do not need further lessons from him anymore. However, I still continue to improve myself as I progress and I am also the future bassist for my school's Christian Fellowship. Through the jamming and practice sessions after school every Thursday, I learnt many things like different hand signs and how to work together as a team with my fellow musicians. The worship workshop and the praise camp held within our Company have also greatly helped me in learning more about these aspects through the guidance of our instructors and Officers.


Through serving in the worship department in 12th KL Boys' Brigade Company and also through the various opportunities given in my church and school, I have developed and matured more in my spiritual life and progressed in my spiritual walk with Jesus. Through these activities or sessions, I constantly experience God's love through the people around me. These people help me in keeping strong in my faith and have been there to support me in my troubles.


There are still instances where we make mistakes, for we are all humans, after all. There has been a time when we did not even have a piano so we resulted to using a keyboard, an instrument I was not familiar with. Nevertheless, the worship session progressed smoothly, and we managed to glorify His name in the end.


It truly has been such a blessing in my life to be able to serve in the worship team of both Boys' Brigade and Christian Fellowship. As I continue serving in the worship teams, I definitely want to learn more and also to share what I know with others along the way.

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