Joint Meeting between St. Johns Ambulance and 10th KL

Posted on 01-Aug-2013

Written by Private Joshua Ying, assisted by Sergeant Pishon of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

July 13th, 2013

CHERAS, KUALA LUPUR – The warm sunshine was prominently expressing itself on the Sekolah Sri Sempurna school field as the joint meeting between our 10th Kuala Lumpur Boy’s Brigade and the St John’s Ambulance begun. Held for the purpose of promoting and maintaining respect as well as unity between the two uniformed organisations, we looked forward to mixing around with our fellow comrades whom we rarely managed to socialise with.

The meeting kicked off with a normal opening parade at 10:15am. After all the members had fallen in and the uniform inspection completed, the members proceeded with the singing of the National Anthem, the BB Anchor Song and the St John’s Anthem.

The members then proceeded to the hall for worship, followed by a short message, where our company’s captain, Esther Chew gave a sharing on unity in the body of Christ. Immediately following that, our Boy’s Brigade members hurried to change into their "Type B" uniforms, namely the company yellow shirt, BB belt, pants and boots (also known as mufti).

Next up was games. All members were divided into eight groups – each having a mixture of Boy’s Brigade and St John’s members. Their sole objective: To achieve as many points as they could through station games. Our company organised Stations 1 and 2, while the St John’s organised Stations 3 and 4.

Capture the Flag’ was the name of the first station. Both flags were represented by a drumstick stuck on a plastic stool, while the members’ lives were represented by balloons: one per member, held between the knees. To add on to the challenge of the game, the members had to crawl around as a means of movement, not walking or running.

The second station somewhat resembled the game ‘Minesweeper’. The objective of the game was to get a group of blindfolded members from one side of the playing field to the other, one after another. The area was littered with chairs and a few tables, all considered as fatal obstacles. Each player from Boy’s Brigade was guided verbally through the playing field by a member from St John’s and vice-versa. They definitely needed a ‘shepherd’, as touching any of the obstacles would result in immediate elimination.

After an hour or so of games, everyone headed to the school field for closing parade. Exhausted from the fun, yet flashing smiles on our faces, we successfully wrapped up the day with the BB Vesper, some announcements, and fall-out. The day ended smoothly and all were thankful for the wonderful opportunity to bond with the St Johns. Lunch was served at about 1pm, to allow for further ‘chit-chat’ with our newfound friends.

10th KL BB - St. John Ambulance Joint Meeting
Written by Private Nathan Chan 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

A few weeks ago, the first ever St. John Ambulance - Boy's Brigade meeting in the history of the 10th KL company was held. Although the objective of this event was simply to promote fellowship between the St. John and BB, it also gave an opportunity for members to really understand the other organization and appreciate the similarities and differences between the two.

It started like any normal meeting, whether compared to St. John’s or BB’s.The hoisting of flags, the singing of the national anthem, the paperwork that needed to be done. Everyone, both officers and members, were itching to get it done with. Finally, the necessary protocols were complete, and the members all moved on to the next activity together.

The resulting environment created was like never before. Over a hundred members, some from the Boy’s Brigade, others from the St. John Ambulance crowded into a single hall the size of a badminton court. (Actually, it was a badminton court.) Although the few activities held inside the hall were all organized by BB members, once the members headed to restrooms to change into their respective casual attires, the St. Johns took over to lead the members into a time of games.

Games were a blast! The creativity of the members of both side were shown in the games they organized. From activities resembling minesweeper to the famous capture the flag; from carrying plastic cups on ones head, to giving each other piggyback rides. Each game had it’s own unique flair, and everyone had fun (terrifying each other), even those not playing.

All too soon, the games ended. Closing parade was probably the most boring and monotonous activity of all. Almost all members were relieved when it ended. Then lunch began. Members savored the delicious plates of fried noodles and cooled down with the cold orange juice. The fellowship would continue into the afternoon. But the friendship, the bonds formed during the event would last much longer.

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