K.L. State's Outdoor Founder's Day

Posted on 14-Jan-2015

By Lance Corporal Teng Hang Yew of the 2nd Kuala Lumpur Company
November 1, 2014

SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR – On the first Saturday of November, members and officers of 2nd Kuala Lumpur Company conducted an important project – the hosting of the Kuala Lumpur State Founder’s Day. Our Company doesn’t have that many members nor the space to host the event unlike past years Founders Day. So, we decided to take the risk and organise an outdoor Founder’s Day - probably the first time in history?

On the day of the actual event, at 1.30pm all the officers and members from 2nd Kuala Lumpur gather at the Grace Methodist Church to continue our setup for Founder’s Day. While we were setting up, several companies arrived early and offered us assistance. We rested up before continuing our various tasks, such as polishing uniform parts, carrying chairs and benches, and more. Soon, the rest of the Company arrived, so did guests from two Penang companies - 8th Penang Company (a staff sergeant studying in Damansara) and several from 18th Penang Company (later on, I found out that there were also BB members from Johor and Sarawak who were studying in KL who dropped by, but as a casual visitors not wearing uniform). After preparations were finished, we rushed to change into our ceremonial uniforms, the dress code for the day.


The event started at nearly 5.00pm with all members and officers in their well-ironed out uniforms, shiny badges, and metal buckles from the various companies falling-in with their respective groups at the church’s outdoor foyer. The guard of honor was smartly assembled on the field awaiting the arrival of our VIP, Dato’ Dr. Ron Tan Kee Kwong, Patron of BBM. The buglers from 2nd KL and the band from 1st KL were assembled at the rear of the parade, ready to sound the all-important bugle calls and provide wonderful music for the inspection. After about a few minutes, our VIP arrived signaled by the sound of the fanfare from the buglers and proceeded on with the inspection of the KL State BB Guard of Honour.


After parade, we adjourned to the front of the church where the service was to be held. We experienced some technical problems causing a bit of delay, but managed to solve it by proceeding to sing the national anthem, KL anthem, and Anchor song without the accompanying music. Finally, by God’s grace, the technical problems were resolved and the marching in of KL State Colours proceeded in grandly fashion - with the accompaniment background music. It was my first time being in the colour party as a colour sergeant and I was honored to be in it. After the marching in of the colours, the VIP, Dato’ Ron, gave his speech first as he needed to move on to another engagement. Our State Commissioner, Mr. Tony Chow presented Dato’ Ron with a beautifully crafted BB souvenir from Sarawak, sponsored by 2nd KL and was hand-carried all the way from Kuching. After that, Mr. Chow proceeded to deliver his speech. The service continued with Praise and Worship led by Sergeant Ong Wil Sern and his team of NCOs from our neighboring Company, 12th KL. 

After a good time praising the Lord, the sun had set and the outdoor lights were turned on to illuminate the rest of service while Assistant Junior Leading Boy Kieran Kam from 3rd KL gave a testimony about his BB life. He spoke with poise and confidence which made the BB proud. This was followed by a sermon on 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 and the hymn of response, a traditional BB song “Lord Bless the Boys’ Brigade”. After that, we a had dinner break and some time to browse the 3 booths set up at the basketball court selling various BB souvenirs. It comprised the BB Shop booth, KL State Founder’s Day souvenir badge booth, and 18th Penang Company’s booth.


Right after dinner, we went back to our respective places and was treated to a performance by the band from 1st KL, the BBM Pesta National Champions of 2014. Then, Sergeant Liam Jia Qian from 10th Kuala Lumpur Company gave her BB testimony, representing the Senior Section. After that, we had the presentation of special award, namely the prizes for the KLBB Writing Competition (the one I’m writing for now), the Gold Award, and the President’s Award. This year's recipient for the Gold Award were Privates Steven Wong and Sean Ho of 1st KL, while President's Award recipients were Corporals Dena Cheah and Joshua Ying of 10th KL. The individuals champion for the KLBB Writing Competition was Corporal Nathan Chan from 10th KL and the winning Company for the competition is 12th KL. We were informed that at the last week of the competition, 10th and 12th Kuala Lumpur send almost 100 articles between the 2 companies! Finally, came the marching out of the Colours with the closing hymn “The Day Thou Gavest, Lord is ended”. We all sang the BB Vesper followed by the bugle call “Retreat”.

As a last item, we gathered at the basketball court for group photo. After that, while everyone starting to leaving for home, the host Company began cleaning the whole place with every little help that we got. Finally, we got the back to normal, place clean and tidy, and everyone when home safely. Overall, this was one of the most unique Founder’s Day I have ever attended. I am glad everything ran smoothly and also thanks to God for holding back the rain whilst the event was taking place!


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