KL Basic NCOs Training School 2013

Posted on 17-Jun-2013

Written by Private Tan Wen Jie, Michael of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

March 23-25th, 2013

NEAR PETALING STREET,  KUALA LUMPUR – It all started on the 23rd of March when Boys’ Brigade members of most Kuala Lumpur companies gathered in Methodist Boys’ School Kuala Lumpur to attend the Basic NCOs’ Training School 2013. The objective of this training school is to produce Non-Commissioned Officers of the future and to bring the best out of a Boys’ Brigade member via this three days two nights programme.

Day 1

It was nine in the morning when members from various Kuala Lumpur companies were given a briefing by the coaches after registration. In this training school, there were two squads namely Alpha and Bravo. Also, all participants were called trainees while all teachers were called coaches.

After that, we were told to change into the BBM Mufti attire and present the opening ceremony of BNTS 2013. We then started the first class of this school, Every BB Member a Pioneer, by Mr Jonathan Chan, a Lieutenant from the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company and the head coach for the training school. The class was basically about the history of The Boys’ Brigade and the founder, Sir William Alexander Smith and the lessons from this incredible story. There were squad discussions about the topic on Pioneering.

Left: Squad bravo discussing about the Pioneering. Center: Trainees taking part in an activity in the Communications lesson. Right: Squad Bravo discussing on their topics of choice.

After lunch, we had our second session – Communication by Mr Nicholas Yeap, Captain of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company. He wanted 3 different coloured marker pens to start the class. Everyone searched high and low for them, but nobody communicated and clarified with Mr Yeap about the marker pens. The marker pens were found, but by then the class had a fifteen minute delay. Mr Yeap used the incident as a lesson to start this interesting class.

Then, it was the much anticipated drill session conducted by two Staff Sergeant head coaches, John from 1st Kuala Lumpur and Kodie from 3rd Kuala Lumpur. This session was all about basic drill, which included marching, forming a squad and so on.  All trainees went for a wash up before dinner.

There was a presentation skills class after dinner with Mr Yeap explaining tips on how to become a better presenter. As we were late, all trainees had to run ten rounds as a punishment before this lesson. All trainees then were given five minutes to present their selected topic in front of their squads. After that some had supper while others took the opportunity to polish their equipments for the following day. To conclude the day, there was a bugle call for lights out.

Left: An individual from Squad Alpha presenting his topic. Center: BNTS Trainees doing basic drill. Right: Mr Jonathan Chan, the head coach, explaining the rules and regulations of the food hunt.
Day 2

Some trainees woke up as early as five in the morning to polish their equipments for the day. Before having breakfast, we wore our BNTS shirt paired with navy blue pants to start the day.

Then, it was the Character First lesson by Mr Valter Woo, an instructor from 12th Kuala Lumpur. We learnt about the link in Choice, Character and Leadership. We had Sunday Service halfway through the lesson at the nearby Wesley Methodist Church before continuing the Character class.

After a quick lunch, we had two lessons with Mr Andy Tan, Captain of the 4th Kuala Lumpur Company, which were Planning and Effective Meeting. There was a module planning and meeting presentation among the squads about the activities in Recruitment Drive at the end of the class. As of the previous day, the trainees went through an hour’s drill before having a wash up.

Soon, we gathered at the school’s cafeteria, the usual place we have our meals. Surprisingly, there was no food at the cafeteria during dinner time. Then, Mr Jonathan Chan came and explained to us that we had to find dinner with our squad members at Petaling Street that night. It was an interactive learning activity which consisted of everything we had learnt in the training school. Rules and regulations such as no junk food allowed and fruits must be included in the meal were being clarified while we were allowed to a RM5 budget per person.


Before going to our destination to have our meal, we had to meet with our squad members and plan out our eating place and time allocated. After that, someone in the squad had to present to the coaches in the respective squads. Despite multiple failed presentations, both squads managed to come out with plans and have their dinner in time. It was truly an amazing activity that made the trainees implement what they had learned throughout the training school.

Before lights out, some trainees had a light supper while others did quick polishing to prepare for the following day.

Day 3

It was rise and shine and wash up before an early breakfast. Everyone had to be in day dress attire. Then, there was a uniform inspection before the revision of the BNTS examination. The trainees undertook a written test. The test was about everything that we had learnt in this school. All trainees were focused and completed their test in time.

After the examination, the trainees had a short time to clean the toilets and arrange the tables and chairs in the classroom dorms before pack up. The Basic NCOs’ Training School 2013 ended with the closing ceremony, presentation of certificates to trainees and lunch. 

In conclusion, it was an amazing and eye-opening experience for the trainees. I definitely wish all of the trainees all the best in the test and continue to serve their companies in whatever rank they may be in.