KL NCO Training School 2019

Posted on 29-Apr-2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Every year, BB Companies across the Malaysia will send their NCOs and potential members to the BB State Council’s NCO Training School (NTS). The objective of the training school to guide, teach and mentor them into becoming a future leader or pioneer, as well as sharing the Gospel and values of Christ. Two courses are available in the current Training School which are the Basic course and Advance course.

On this year, The KL State Council’s NCO Training School set off at the Methodist Boys’ Secondary School on 23 – 25 March 2019. The training programme witnessed over 110 trainees and trainers from 11 companies from the KL State and 2 companies from the Selangor State joined the event.

Below is the sharing of experiences from two trainees which joined the Basic NCO Training Course (BNTC) and the Advance NCO Trianing Course (ANTC).

Sharing written by Farrell Cheong, Private of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company
Trainee from the Basic NCO Training Course (BNTC)

On 23rd March 2019, I attended the Basic NCO Training Course at Methodist Boys’ Secondary School KL (MBSSKL). When I first arrived at MBSSKL and saw the timetable for BNTC, I was surprised as the timetable differs from what my seniors have told me about their experience. The most surprising thing for me was there would not be any drill trainings.


The 4th KL Team at NTS2019


We started off by going into our groups and we got to know our group members better. Our groups were based on the Fruits of the Spirit (based on the biblical term) and I was in group Goodness (5), and I was excited to team-up with my group members. After some ice-breaking games, we were told to come up with our own “rules”. We had two chances and if we break them, we would have to sleep “under the stars” (outdoor). Unfortunately, we could not uphold the rules and we slept at the “BNTC 5-stars hotel” for the first night.

In my opinion, the programme for this year’s BNTC was different, more fun-filled activities and less “suffering” activities. We did a lot of planning and decision making. We were also taught on how to write a business notice, agenda and minutes. We were tested on our communication skill, leadership skill and trustworthiness. At first, I took up most of the responsibilities of the group by myself and tried to do as much as I can by myself. But by the second day, I was too exhausted and felt stressed out. Then, I was taught to have faith on my teammates and give them a chance to lead. The results turned out way better than what I have expected. Not just only we share the burden, we also got closer as a team and worked better together. As the saying goes ‘A bundle of sticks are stronger than one.’

The BNTC trainees at drill exercise
The BNTC Trainees at Drill exercise
BNTC Trainees Sleeping Under the Stars
BNTC Trainees Sleeping Under the Stars

What is BNTC without punishments? NTS is best known for its outrages amount of punishments. But thank God, our coaches were kind enough to give us a chance to reduce our “lots” (Lots is the NTS term for having 50 starjumps per lot). From 80 plus of lots accumulated, we were able to reduce it to 6 lots. Even after the reduction, I was sure that all of us would fail, but with our continuous team spirit, we proved to our coaches that we are eligible to pass the BNTC.

Through this course, I have learnt to be initiative, observant, to have good communication, to have the Fruits of the Spirit, to have good teamwork, to trust your teammates and many more, all of which are the qualities to be a good leader.

I am sure that every trainee had brought something back, whether it’s leadership quality or just simply an experience. As for me, this course was definitely a once in a life-time experience and I have learnt many things throughout the 3 days 2 nights course.

Finally, I want to thank all the officers and trainers for teaching and guiding us throughout the course. Also, not forgetting their time and effort for organising the amazing activities for us.



ANTC has been more of a gathering of all our fellow brothers and sisters from KL and Selangor than a camp where we have to “suffer”. We have the chance of having fellowship with one another and to learn to be a leader. Not only a normal leader but a true leader who guides others to the path of victory. As said by Mr Andrew: ‘A true leader teaches others to be better than whom he/she is.’

On the first day at MBSSKL, we got into our destined squads of 6, sat down and had a rather prolonged discussion and had fellowship with one another. Knowing each other holds an important key to teamwork and to complete this course successfully. The first day wasn’t that tough yet but when it came to the first night, we received our first punishment and were told it is in the form of star jumps. We slept at 11pm and were ready for the next day.

All Trainees at Opening Ceremony
All Trainees at Opening Ceremony
ANTC Trainees - Briefing by Mr. Andrew
ANTC Trainees - Briefing by Mr. Andrew

Day 2. The first thing we did in the morning was physical training, even before the sun rises. The exercise and physical activities made us fitter than before. We had breakfast and followed by many challenging activities. One of the activities I remember the most was building a free-standing tower by using only balloons and masking tape. It seemed easy but the catch is that we were only allowed to use our non-dominant hand.

On the third day, we had more activities that requires critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills. After that, we had our last meal of the camp and prepared for the closing ceremony.

In short, this camp has improved greatly compared to last year’s as we learned through lectures instead of continuous scolding. We also witnessed so much emotion in these few days because someone from an underperformed group will be eliminated. It was out of our expectation that those members who were eliminated made a comeback by forming a new team, the seventh squad. It was sad to see the eliminated member(s) leaving the group but there was a moment of joy when they were reunited into a brand-new squad. In this wonderful camp, we learnt to think more critically, communicate clearly, boost our self-confidence and finally, to be a true and responsible leader.

I recommend every second-year and above BB member in the senior category to participate in BNTC and ANTC because it is an annual programme. Not forgetting to mention, it gives everyone the joy of fellowship and helps to build team spirit with one another.


The training came to an end with an official closing ceremony, along with the address from Mr. Mr Brendan Ravichandran - Principal of Methodist Boys' School KL. The ceremony ended with the presentation of the Best Trainee Award for Basic and Advance courses, Most Improved Trainee for Advance NTC and the Best Uniform for the overall Training School.


Awards recipients:

    Chong Wai Yip of 1st Kuala Lumpur Company
    Chloe Siew of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
    Lai Kin Hoe of 1st Seremban Company
  • BEST UNIFORM for NTS 2019:
    Justin Tan of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company